Features Added

  1. Course – Admin area live search
  2. My Courses filtering and ajax pagination
  3. Instructing courses filtering and ajax pagination
  4. BuddyPress emails for touch points.
  5. Mobile Logo option in WP Admin – WPLMS – Header area.
  6. Font Size option for Menus. (Course menu, Profile menu) :
  7. Font size option for header menus.

Updated Components

  1. Improvements in Touch points, speed and optimisation of code.
  2. Migrate all WPLMS Emails to BuddyPress emails : Tutorial
  3. Update Course – Admin area
  4. Add post_gallery filter in the gallery shortcode
  5. Commissions appearance in mails and new hooks added
  6. Add a filter to remove the vibe shortcodes menu in wp-editor in wp-editor front end site pages
  7. Add option to add percentage along with marks in Quiz passing score settings in quiz .Also improve help text

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed: Unit tag not working in backend
  2. Fixed: Search query in while adding students from course admin is not proper
  3. Fixed: Enable Post category for Mega menu
  4. Fixed : BuddyPress Instructor Widget shows hidden courses also
  5. Fixed : RTL issue with course masonry grid css issue
  6. Fixed : Round progress shortcode not working.
  7. Fixed : Security check failed when remove_user_course is triggered
  8. Fixed: BuddyPress emails still not working with the third party email client plugin like send grid
  9. Fixed: WordPress db errors in statistics.php file in vibe customtypes plugin
  10. Fixed: BuddyPress Mails
  11. Fixed: One instructor child theme-> issue in installing with sample data
  12. Fixed: External link on course button settings are does not shows the saved value after saving and reloading the page in course creation pricing section
  13. Fixed: Wordpress database error in error log when there is no quiz in course and user opens course admin submissions
  14. Fixed: A default set of values must be returned if customizer layout header footer settings are not saved (in cases of theme update from much old version )
  15. Fixed: Issue with importing bulk users in course sets usermeta for course status in postmeta in vibe customtypes plugin
  16. Fixed: Single quote and double quote bug in questions/quizzes. Need to add encoding and decoding.
  17. Fixed: Quiz answers remain marked in case of reset course from admin
  18. Fixed: Course visibility settings not working for instructors.
  19. Fixed: Eventon plugin shortcode generator showing Activate or purchase Eventon plugin
  20. Added: Add a confirm box before removing the uploaded file in assignments
  21. Fixed: Share quiz results does not have any social meta Need to add meta tags for the quiz evaluated activity
  22. Fixed: Issues with message notification emails does not appear with wplms html template
  23. Fixed: Commission shows in the email
  24. Fixed: User is not shown to be added(appended in list ) in course when initially there is no user in course
  25. Fixed: Hebrew names are not searching in course admin
  26. Fixed: Sub nav ->filter color black : http://prntscr.com/bpyfvg
  27. Fixed: Read more in wplms index.php file is not available for translation
  28. Fixed: excerpts are showing twice in course C4 and c5 layout
  29. Fixed: My courses page showing all courses.
  30. Fixed: Buddypress message mails minified and message content distorted.
  31. Fixed: Customizer colors.
  32. Fixed: Back to course from Forums
  33. Fixed: Course search not working.
  34. Fixed: 404 error bug in course page.
  35. Fixed: Student login redirect do not work when instructor login redirect is not set
  36. Fixed: Course Expiry and drip feed email schedule not working
  37. Fixed: WPLMS html emails showing html entities in the subject of the email if course title has some “&” or “-” etc
  38. Fixed: Certificate does not render in small devices as its dimensions are definite and html2 canvas not able to take the screenshot of the part that is out of the view of html certificate generated in small devices
  39. Fixed: Showing multiple pagination on course admin area.
  40. Notices fixed in BuddyDrive and Events
  41. Notices fixed in page builder
  42. Notices fixed in Activity section
  43. Mega Menus no longer need to save first.




Language WPLMS Theme Vibe course Module Vibe Custom Types Vibe Shortcodes WPLMS assignments WPLMS Dashboard WPLMS EventOn WPLMS Frontend
pt_BR 85 68 80 96 86 98 100 94
pl_PL 4 0
nl_NL 62 32
it_IT 34 27 34 100 43
fr_FR 75 40 52 80 60 68 100 45
es_ES 80 43 62 93 77 88 100 50
el_GR 60 31 66 45
de_DE 62 32 42 66 80 47
ar 54 30 41 61 78 47
zh_CN 84 72 83 80 74 87 100 87
tr_TR 38 28 2 0 2 0 6 0
sv_SE 77 40 47 80 74 83 100 49
fa_IR 96 82 90 97 85 99 100 93
sr_RS 57 25
ru_RU 70 42 50 80 68 76 100 49
nb_NO 70
sk_SK 4 44 67 77 94

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  1. EmanuelGT

    I had an issue when trying to update. The error is “Unable to create folder” when it’s trying to unzip the zip file from your server.
    Is it possible to update it manually just uploading the files using FTP? which other steps would be necessary?

    1. It is possible but it would be great if the auto updates work properly. Please consult your web host for this.

      1. EmanuelGT

        I ended up doing it the manual way. My hosting is IIS and I think that may cause the folder permission issue, since I can’t change folder permissions from FTP.

        Anyway, after the manual theme update, and after all plugins update… everything is working normal on the latest versions.

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