Videotube Watermark

Features : 

1 . Watermark your wordpress media library videos directly from media library.

2 . Can later encrypt the watermarked videos using our another service : link


How to use : 

To start you will need to purchase the encryption quota from which you can purchase here :

Videoencrypt Watermark

Once purchased it will automatically create your account on and you will be automatically logged in (if not due to some kinda error then you can check your email for account credentials ) .

Now  you have to generate an api key which can be generated here :



Once you generate your api key please login to your site .You can use the same api key if you are already using our encryption service.

Install the Videotube watermark plugin which can be downloaded from here :




After installing the plugin .You will quickly need to setup the api key to enable the encryption of videos from .

To set it please copy the api key you got from page and then goto your site -> wp-admin -> lms -> settings -> Videotube Watermark settings -> Videoencrypt api key :


Set your logo and its position and hit the save settings button .


Thats it you are ready to roll . :

you will see upload for watermark button when you open any video file in your media library :

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