Working and Understanding Custom Learningpath plugin

In this tutorial we’ll learn how the learningpath plugin works and how you can create your own learningpath template.

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  1. NicolayLeganger

    I have been looking long and hard – how do I get this plugin? I cant see that you mention it, it is not in the list of plugins. But in the moovie you say it is in the dashboard. Perhaps I have to uppdate the dashboard? Perhaps I am the most ignorant of your cusomers – but pleas make it simple for me to – realy from the basics! – And Thank You for your development, I really admire you work. 10 years ago I made a wishlist for russian developers to make what you have done, an the price to get it was 25000 dollar. Which I could not afford. So I a m gratefull!

  2. Hello! I bought this plugin but tab “select step” is empty and I can’t choose any step for to set it

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