Member types and Group types

In wplms 2.9.2 we have introduced member types and group types .


To begin with please goto wp-admin -> lms -> settings -> member types.
There  your need to create member types .

After adding member types you can set the Member types widget in your sidebar to show filtering according to member type on members directory .

Member type can be assign with custom registration forms also .
In wplms custom registration settings you will see a new settings for member type .

there are two option to select to :
i. Enable user to select one(member type).This option will show dropdown to user in registration form to select from on of the member types you created .
ii. Select member type that you want to assign the user who registers through this registration form .This option will not show any dropdown but the user will be assigned the member type that to set in registration form settings .


To begin with please goto wp-admin -> lms -> settings -> group  types.
There  your need to create group types .

Like member types you would also need to set the Group types navigation widget .

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  1. frankdage

    Can you please share or highlight any use cases for this please. Thanks.

  2. Superbobrik

    Hm, would be interested in use cases as well. That would be logical to have a chance to give different rights, access to parts of website or access to different categories or specific courses in that case but for now as I see it is just a visual appearance and users are the same in terms of rights but from different groups.

  3. EmanuelGT

    Right now I’ve found it useful to manage who can see some specific xprofile fields

  4. jresultsllc

    how can i use member types in terms of course access?

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