go with WPLMS and focus on your teaching instead of its display and delivery method

I have tried most of the available LMS plugins for WordPress. WPLMS is by far the best amongst them. It allows you to focus on your content instead of looking out there for someone to fix it or add it. Yes, that thing you need to make it work!!
It has features that are not available with others out of the box. For example, an instructor can see the list of students on the frontend. Of course, you can get this feature integrated with the other LMS but needs additional setup and yes, sometimes to hire a developer to get it done. But WPLMS gets it done behind the scene and out of the box.
It is a well-thought theme and set of plugins to do one job, and it does it well, better than that.
Its integration with BuddyPress is flawless.
It does have a learning curve but which theme doesn’t??
But the result is superb, and they do provide good support and documentation along with a series of Video tutorial.
You have something to teach, go with WPLMS and focus on your teaching instead of its display and delivery method.

hennyjones Buyer

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