From 0 to USD 600,000 + within 8 Months and over 25000 students

Its a great joy to partner with VibeThemes because they are the best team and WPLMS is the best platform out there to manage all we need. lots of very useful features and wonderful personal support.


WPLMS Success Story :

David Benjamin is using WPLMS for corporate academy and as an instructor. He considers the most notable feature of WPLMS is the Progressive web app which really enhances the overall experience of the user and gives it the premium and professional touch for a Learning academy.

WPLMS helped in managing his clients and services wonderfully. With best personalised support David was able to achieve this wonderful feat from 0 to over $600,000 and shared the sales graph below with us.

We congratulate David on this wonderful achievement and wish him all the best !

David Banjamin Course Instructor

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