Validate Your Course Idea & Generate Revenue with a Beta Course

Generate revenue while you are actually working on your course with a beta course

There aren’t many things as deflating as spending months creating a course only to have it flop upon launch. That’s why you need to validate your course idea before you launch. A beta course is a perfect way to do that.

In this article, we’re going to go over what a beta course is and how it can help you validate your course idea.

What is a Beta Course?

A beta course is an incomplete version of the course you’re creating and will eventually launch. It’s an ongoing project that should be at least 20% complete before you take on what is known as “beta students.” These students should be selected from a group of highly-targeted individuals in your audience whom you know are interested in learning about your course topic.

Because it’s an incomplete project, a beta course should be priced at a much lower rate than what you plan on charging for the full version upon launch.

How Does a Beta Course Validate Your Idea?

Beta courses solve the dilemma I brought up at the beginning of this article. If you “pre-launch” or “pre-sell” an unfinished version of your course, you can see if people are willing to pay for it before you spend months completing the other 80%.

If it doesn’t sell many units, you can refund the money to a few beta students you acquired, and move on to the next course idea. If it’s a hit, you can earn revenue while you create the rest of the course.

What Other Benefits Come with Beta Courses?

Validating your course topic and earning revenue before you’ve even launched your course

are two very good reasons for creating a beta course, but what other benefits will you be able to enjoy?

Well, for starters, you can collect feedback, make changes to your course and perfect things before you launch the full version. Maybe something was a little unclear, and you receive quite a few emails from your beta students about it. Can you imagine the support nightmare that would create if you had launched the full version to a much larger number of students, to begin with?

Use your email list, a forum or even surveys to collect feedback from students. Your email list or a forum where beta students can connect with one another provide much more personable ways of gathering feedback.

A beta course can also help you collect testimonials you can use as selling points on your landing page when you’re ready to launch the full version of the course.

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