Why Progressive Web Apps Is A Must Have For Your Website

During the last two years, web developers have started talking about PWAs (Progressive Web Apps).

Web Developers also want to use the technology that is mobile-friendly and can solve everyday needs. 

PWA is the tool that can easily turn your boring and older website into a modern and mobile-optimized version.

We at WPLMS have also upgraded to PWAs and you will not believe how awesome it is.

In this article, we will discuss why we need progressive web apps and later we will see the features that make PWAs best for your website.

Why We Need Progressive Web Apps

Supported by Google, PWAs aims at delivering a high level of performance on any device regardless of any network condition. Having a PWA enabled website helps you in achieving native-app like qualities that make your website fast, reliable, and engaging.

To understand why we need PWAs, let’s consider the following scenario. Suppose you are traveling and using a cool web app for reading a book, meanwhile, you lose your connection or about to be in the area with little or no network connection and you lose your experience of reading books. 

This happens because traditional web applications work only when you have a network connection. Whenever you will lose the network, the web application will stop and will load all the content from the start. 

This is where PWAs (progressive web applications) came into play to provide a smooth user experience even in the little or no network connection. It uses “service workers” to intercept network requests and cache the responses from the device. A user can easily add a PWA application to their home screen so that they can easily access the site content even if they are offline.

What Makes Progressive Web Apps Best

Beside providing app-like experience on desktop and on any mobile device directly via the web, PWAs are fast, reliable, and are easily installable on any type of device. 


Progressive web apps are really fast and load the content of your website in less than a second. Without waiting any time a user can easily access your content. This provides an interactive user experience to your site visitors.

Fully Responsive

Progressive web apps enhance the user experience by making your website fully responsive. It makes navigation easier and provides smooth scrolling across the site as it loads the content in less than a second.

Easily Compatible

In terms of compatibility, progressive web apps are easily compatible with all the devices and browsers. PWA easily adapts the screen size of the devices whether it is desktop, laptop, tablets, and mobile device. Therefore a user never feels bored surfing your site on any type of device.

Easy To Install

PWAs are easy to install and a user can install on their devices in just a few simple steps. It can be easily added to the device home screen and installed progressive web apps to run smoothly and deliver content even when they are offline.


When it comes to reliability, a progressive web app delivers a reliable performance like a native app. It also reduces the task of up-gradation and lowers data usage. At a lower cost, PWA delivers you a high-performance web app that meets user’s expectations. 


I hope this article will help you in determining the importance of progressive web apps. Its endless number of features not only make your website easily accessible but makes it ultra-fast and lightweight.

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