Why PWA Powered LMS Is Necessary For Your Organization

PWA is the latest and the most talked buzzword among the course developers and trainers to deliver their online courses.

As mobile web traffic is 60%, providing an optimized learning experience on the mobile has become essential.

PWA Powered LMS has made the dream of learning and installing web apps on mobile devices into reality.

In this article, we will discuss why PWA powered LMS is necessary for delivering your online courses and the several features it adds to your eLearning courses.

Why We Need PWA Powered LMS

Earlier, your online courses were delivered to the learners through the normal web and native mobile apps. Learners accessing your online courses on smartphones find it difficult as web pages are not responsive so they have to switch to mobile apps. This was the major cause of the disengagement of the learners.

PWA powered LMS has solved these core attributes problems that were missing from Non-PWA powered LMS. Now, learners can access your eLearning courses on any smart device using web applications. PWA web apps are so responsive that it easily adapts to the screen sizes of the devices.

PWA LMS Makes Your Courses Available Offline

This is the most asked question we have faced these days. Almost everyone will think once how exactly web apps can be open without a valid internet connection.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example. Suppose you are using Facebook on your smartphone. You can easily scroll through the feeds and can check earlier messages even in the offline mode. When you connect with a valid internet connection, your feeds and new messages automatically refresh and you are able to see the latest feed and messages.

This is what PWA powered LMS provides to your eLearning courses. A learner can easily access your eLearning courses when there is no valid internet connection. Web Apps easily load content and sync in the background. Thus, it provides a native-app like experience to your learners.

PWA LMS Uses Modern UI Frameworks

PWA powered LMS uses modern and latest UI frameworks like ReactJs, Angular 6, or Vue.js so that your web apps are fully responsive to the devices. A well designed UI framework fulfills the need for the required components.

Having an experience similar to native mobile apps on web apps require some critical UI components and some additional data to store the data. This helps them in delivering content without a valid internet connection. PWA enabled web apps usually store HTML files, CSS files, and images in the browser cache memory and recall them whenever necessary.

Features Of PWA Powered LMS


PWA powered LMS makes your eLearning courses reliable. Instant loading of web content regardless of the network connection promotes better navigation and reduces the load time of your website.

Fast And Responsive

Along with reliability, it also makes your web apps fast. It enhances user-experience and provides better scrolls and page transitions. PWA powered LMS makes your content responsive as it quickly adapts to the screen sizes of the learner’s devices.

Easy Installable

Just like native mobile apps, PWA powered web apps can be easily installed on the devices. Now, learners can access your web apps like native apps in one click. This makes your eLearning easily launchable.

High Engagement Rate

PWA powered LMS keeps your learners engaged even in the offline mode. You can send push notifications to the learners, enable home screen icons, instant launching of courses, etc. keep them engaged.

Wrapping Up

PWA powered LMS adds various interactives to your eLearning courses. Apart from delivering your online courses, it also keeps your learners engaged even in the slow network connection. WPLMS PWA powered LMS is the highest-rated and recommended by the various organizations, course developers, and online trainers.

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