WPLMS 4.8 update

WPLMS 4.8 update is live along with VibeBP 1.9.6 and WPLMS Plugin 1.9.4 versions. With this new update the WPLMS is not compatible with PHP versions upto 8.2. Customers using 3.x framework of WPLMS also get an update to the WPLMS 3.x theme along with Vibe Course module, Vibe custom types, Vibe Shortcodes, WPLMS Front end, WPLMS Dashboards for the PHP version 8.2 and BuddyPress 11.0 compatibility.

This is a maintenance update.

Things covered in updates :

WPLMS Theme 4.8

  1. New Stylesheet Added for Gutenberg specific themes coming up in upcoming updates.
  2. PHP 8.2 compatiblity
  3. Version 3 demos removed from installer
  4. Demo switcher removed. We will focus more on gutenberg as we prepare for new gutenberg themes in upcoming updates. Note all Gutenberg themes need WP 6.1 and a new stylesheet is added for them via Tailwind. The header styles will also change for Gutenberg themes.

VibeBP 1.9.6

  1. Messages add new message editor updated
  2. Location profile field added
  3. Location based member directory option
  4. Media popup active hiding behing left sidebar fix
  5. Member type added in User’s token
  6. Profile fields not saving properly
  7. Group custom fields fix
  8. PHP 8.2 compatibility

WPLMS 1.9.4

  1. Elementor deprecations notice fixes
  2. PHP 8.2 compatibility
January 24, 2023
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