WPLMS: An Educational Mobile Apps For Schools And Colleges

With the growth in technologies, the internet, computers, and mobile phones have changed the way of learning.

With the introduction of educational Mobile Apps, eLearning has flipped the classroom and the traditional learning methods.

Mobile apps along with an advanced Learning Management System (LMS) is changing the educational institute like- schools and colleges.

Importance Of Educational Mobile Apps For Schools And Colleges

As schools and colleges realize the power of technology, computers, and smartphones in the way of education then they started adapting to it. With the introduction of educational Mobile Apps, it revolutionized the way of learning and education, now it has become a trend for the schools and colleges. 

Mobile Apps are being used for creative writing, understanding a concept, and for more informative views through pictures and videos. It also enhances better learning in the classroom and converts your regular classroom into a flipped classroom. Integrating mobile apps to your schools and colleges helps you in making more informed decisions.

Besides this, Mobile Apps make it easier for teachers to recognize the needs of the learners. Providing the essential courses and notes to their learners increases their productivity and reduces the manual workload. Therefore, with the help of mobile apps teachers can develop hands-on activities that support classroom learning. 

Why Schools And Colleges Should Have A Mobile App

The main reason behind having a Mobile App for the schools and colleges is to extend the teacher’s availability for the students. Many schools and colleges were worried that mobile apps would replace their teachers. But it is not like that, mobile apps bring school, college, teachers, students, and parents closer to each other.

Mobile Apps allow students to learn around the clock and it serves as a tutor 24/7 for them. Having a mobile app for your organization can make your students more active while learning. Learning through eLearning courses makes your students more interactive and provides a better engagement rate.

Benefits Of Mobile Apps For Schools And Colleges

Online Teaching Process

The first thing that an organization looks for while considering a Mobile App is the ease of online teaching. WPLMS Mobile App is made for eLearning and as an admin, you can easily customize the App to connect with your students and the teachers on-the-go. Students can access the course 27/7 from anywhere. Teachers can also prepare tests and quizzes online and can take the assessments online. Learning from the schools and colleges mobile app saves students time.

Personalized Learning Experience

In traditional learning methods, teachers can’t personalize the learning method for each and every student. But, having educational Mobile Apps for your schools and colleges can make this job easy for you and you can easily offer a personalized course to every learner. Educational Mobile Apps allow learners to connect with their teachers in real-time to discuss their queries for a more personalized learning experience

Collaboration With Students, Teachers, And Parents

Mobile Apps plays a significant role in collaboration with the students, teachers, parents, and their schools and colleges on a single platform. Now, parents can easily communicate with the schools or college faculties and the management regarding any issues related to their children. Parents can also track their children’s performance, records, attendance, and activities.

Online Fee Payment

WPLMS Mobile App comes with advanced features of online fee payment and collection. Now, parents have not to be in a long queue for paying their children fees and this also helps the schools and colleges administrator to collect the fees. Anyone can make a safe online transaction for the payment of the fees. Schools and college administrators can easily issue an e-receipt after a successful transaction to the parents within the App. This way an educational Mobile Apps can save countless hours of the parents as well as schools and colleges. 

Data Security

Developing educational Mobile Apps with WPLMS promises security of data of your school and college. WPLMS advanced security and encryption technology keeps your important data like- eLearning courses, video lectures, student’s details, test papers, payment information, and other data fully secure. These data will be fully secured and only administrators can access data with a secured password.


I hope after going through this article, you can now easily realize the importance of educational Mobile Apps for your schools and colleges. We at WPLMS We develop a complete Mobile App solution for educational institutions like- schools and colleges. If you are still thinking and have any query then contact us or comment below to get in touch.

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