WPLMS Mobile App – A Productive Approach

Are you still failing to achieve your online course completion rates?  

Are your learners not getting the benefits of your online learning course and you are losing the success of your adana escort courses.

Mobile learning has totally revolutionized the online education market and is providing higher efficiency and fun in online learning.

We at WPLMS are providing Learning Management System along with WPLMS Mobile App to increase the success and productivity of your online courses. 

Productive Approach Of WPLMS Mobile App In Online Learning

There are many approaches and technologies that are available for making online learning simple for learners. Today, learners can learn about any topics, subjects, and can take any lecture online on devices like- tablets, mobiles, and laptops. They can save their important notes online and can submit their assignments. Mobile apps are providing an ample amount of benefits to both students and educational institutions.

Unlimited Learning

A majority of online learners have claimed that they are comfortable learning from the mobile application. Mobile Apps allows your learners to access your eLearning courses. unlimited source and knowledge. Learners can take your courses anytime and anywhere on the go.

Better Engagement Of Students

A lot of online course creators are using interactive texts, videos, gamification elements like- quizzes, batches, leaderboards, etc. to make their courses more engaging and entertaining. Learners are more likely to learn the concepts at a faster rate from the audio and video platform.

Better Interaction Between Students And Teachers

Mobile Apps allows you to track your learner’s attendance, their performance, grading history, course completion rates in a digital way. If some learners are not performing well then you can interact directly with them through messaging and video conferencing. This will create a level of interaction between you and your students.

Create Forums And Community 

You can easily create forums and a community of online learners. This will help your learners to discuss their problems and other learners can easily get benefitted by the feedback provided by you or other learners. You can ask about their views and their learning experience from your online courses.

Course Management 

WPLMS mobile app allows you to manage your online courses on the ease. It avoids you from the hassle of logging into the WordPress admin panel. You can manage your courses right from the front end. You can add students, remove students, see student activity, course rest, student statistics, reports, and statistics.

Features Of WPLMS Mobile App 

  • Automatically display your courses from the WPLMS website.
  • Automatically recognize user’s login credentials from your website.
  • Students can browse courses in the App – directory and subscribe to the courses.
  • Students can enroll themselves in free courses or pay via the website – WooCommerce checkout system which supports multiple payment gateways.
  • Students can keep track of their courses on App or website in sync.
  • Student’s courses are loaded and available in offline mode.
  • The administrator can send notifications and updates to App users.
  • The administrator can remove/force log out users from the app.
  • Quiz with MCQ, MCC, Fill blank, Select drop, text answer type.
  • Quiz results section.
  • User Dashboards with Course and Quiz graphs


WPLMS app for your online courses is a productive approach to achieve your online course completion rates. It is clear from the above-mentioned advantages why online courses mobile apps are becoming more popular among learners.

If you are one of those searching for a mobile app solution for your online courses then you can contact WPLMS for guiding you in building a mobile app according to your requirement.

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