WPLMS Plan For The COVID-19 Pandemic

As we all know that the whole country is facing a pandemic situation due to the coronavirus.

When WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic situation then offices, colleges, and schools began to shut down.

Almost every country has implemented a total lockdown and people are staying at home. 

WPLMS has implemented an action plan in response to coronavirus (COVID-19). This plan is for the safety of our valuable employee’s health as well as providing the same support and service.

Protecting Our Team From COVID-19

With a total lockdown situation in the whole country, WPLMS is keen on protecting its employee’s health and their safety. That’s why we have implemented a remote working policy for our employees. We have canceled all meetings, conferences, and events for our employee’s safety. 

We have provided resources and systems to every employee to make working smooth and effective from their home. Our investment in the technology and working system has made our teamwork from their home.

Supporting Our Customers

We have always put our customers at the priority. In this pandemic situation, maintaining our values is more important. We have only changed the working norms of our team. That’s why our team is putting the best possible efforts to provide you the support and services.

We are still providing you  24/7 Customer Support for our Learning Management System as well as the WPLMS App so that you can manage and track all your online courses. We are happy to provide you full support without any queries.

Stay Healthy And Stay Safe  

We hope that you will stay safe and healthy during this pandemic situation of COVID-19.

WPLMS are committed to working for you. We want to ensure your success by completing your goals.

If you have any questions and queries. Feel free to contact us.

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