5 Reasons To Include VR & AR In Your Online Training

Another year, another learning trend, are you excited?

This year, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are going to rule the eLearning industry.

Like various learning trends, VR & AR is definitely getting a lot of attention.

Let’s see how VR and AR can influence your online training with some solid research and interesting proof points.

What is Virtual Reality?                                                   

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that is designed to create experiences similar to the real world. Today, the technology is so advanced that it allows you to pivot a character with focus on sight and sound. As a result, users may genuinely feel like they are in another place.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) uses technology to add a layer of information of the real world with the help of digital visual elements, sound, or other sensory stimulations. Augmented reality highlights specific features of the physical world and derives smart and accessible insight that can be applied to real-world applications. It is widely used in the tech world like- mobile computing.

AR & VR Influence Online Training

The gaming industry has already gained attention with the AR and VR technologies to bring many gamers around the world to a stage. Games like- PubG, COD, and Free Fire have been greatly influenced with the technologies when they came into action. Today, the eLearning industry is going through this cutting-edge technology. Many eLearning professionals are using AR and VR into their online training to enhance the realism of learning and delivering immersive simulations to the learners. 

Immersive Learning Experience

Today eLearning courses are widely accessed over mobile devices. This leaves plenty of space for distractions of the learners while learning through online courses. However, AR and VR technologies help to continue learning while stepping inside in a fully immersive learning environment. Online learners feel like they are a part of learning with enhanced visuals and audios. Learners contend with the outside world while they are in the virtual one.

Personalized Online Training Paths

AR and VR can easily analyze the learning behavior and skills of the learners like an immersive video game. This way it easily ventures down different learning paths for learners based on their gaps and goals. Learners are able to literally walk down their own personalized online training path as they interact with online training resources. This helps in engaging learners for a longer time as well as suggest areas of improvement. Learners can see their progress and learning goals with more interest and motivation.

True Analytics For Better ROI

We have seen L&D professionals struggling for getting better analytics of the learners. AR and VR technologies help you in getting more detailed analytics of the learners. It tracks every move of the online learners, their emotional state, level of alertness, engagement rate, etc. These insightful analytics will also help you in creating an engaging online training with more personalized learning material. Thus, it contributes to better online training ROI for your organization.

Reduced Cost Of Training

Technology is more accessible than ever, and everyone thinks that the cost of implementing the latest technology in eLearning will be very high. But, surprisingly AR and VR are very affordable. Many L&D professionals and companies are developing VR/AR powered learning content to provide easier access and more variety to the learners. Today, most of the smartphone-based training courses are built using VR and AR to deliver high-end engagement rates.

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