How to Find a Profitable Course Idea

Tips to find an idea for a course that sells.

Before we get to our list of strategies you can use to find a profitable course idea, I want you to brainstorm a list of topic ideas on your own.

A profitable online course idea needs to fix a real problem your target customer is having. No matter the niche, no matter the topic and no matter the strategy you use to find a profitable idea. So, when you’re coming up with a topic for your course, don’t focus on the topic itself. Focus on the goal you want your student to achieve.

People are willing to pay good money to have their problems fixed, no matter how small. It’s why you order take out when you’re too busy to cook. It’s why you take your car into an auto shop when something breaks. It’s even why you’re using our learning management system instead of developing your own. Consider this while you brainstorm, and make sure the ideas you jot down solve real problems.

Let’s get into our strategies on how to find a profitable course idea.

1. Your Own Results

Have you achieved something in your niche? It doesn’t need to be “expert level.” It can even be something a beginner wouldn’t know how to do. Can you teach it to the other people?

People want their problems fixed, which means they also want to see results, and they don’t want to have to wait to see them. Did you wish you had someone there to work you through things while you were learning? Great! Other people in your niche likely feel the same way.

2. Research Your Audience

Okay, so I think I’ve drilled the fact that your course topic needs to solve real-world problems into your head well enough at this point. If you don’t know what those problems are, get to work! Research your audience, and find out what their pain points are.

There are a few different ways you can do this. The most effective way would be to speak to an audience member of yours or a member of your niche one on one. You can also browse online forums related to your niche, look at negative reviews of books on sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, browse Quora, or even sift through YouTube comments on videos related to your niche.

3. See What’s Already Selling

Take a look at sites like Udemy, Skillshare, Amazon and other online bookstores. Sift through courses and books related to your niche. Which ones are selling the most? What topics are they on, and more importantly, what problems do they solve? Check out the negative reviews to see where these products fall short. “But in my opinion, WPLMS is the best WordPress LMS for education”.

4. Popular Topics in Your Niche

Take a look at your blog’s analytics and look at your stats on BuzzSumo. You should also research your competition with tools like SEMrush, Open Site Explorer, and BuzzSumo. What topics are the most popular? Which ones received the most social shares? Do any of them seem like common problems members of your niche would have?

Popular Topics + Real Problems = PROFIT!

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