How Integrating Video Conferencing To Your LMS Streamline The Training

Do you want to streamline your training for the learners?

Video conferencing in your eLearning strategy is an efficient and cost-effective way to deliver your training.

In this article, we will discuss how integrating a video conferencing system with your LMS streamline training and make it effective for the learners.

Video Conferencing In Your Training

In today’s learning strategy, eLearning is an asset for the learners, corporates, and employees who want to enhance their skills and are looking for more professional and certified training. However, an eLearning course is not sufficient in order to provide online training to the learners. A video conference system is a must-have to improve the training and learning experience of the learners.

Why Integrate Video Conferencing With The LMS

Video conferencing systems add value to your eLearning courses and make your training more effective with a face-to-face training strategy. Integrating your LMS with video conference tools helps you in building an effective learning experience for the learners while breaking down the barriers of traditional methods of learning. 

Video conferencing systems help you in organizing virtual meetings and online training along with the training through the courses and reduces the need of building a dispersed workforce in an organization. Thus, Integrating video conference software allows learners to discuss important online training topics, exchange ideas, track progress, and collaborate with fellow learners.

Schedule Live Training Of The Learners

Integrating video conferencing with LMS allows you to provide live training to the learners. Face-to-face learning helps the learners to adapt the skills easily by actively listening, watching, and reading the body language of the trainer. LMS integrations with video conferencing also help you in live training of the corporate employees to enhance their skills and performance. Thus, live scheduling of your training can be done with the help of video conferencing software.

Encourage Learning With Live Discussions

If you want your learners to be motivated for learning then self-interacting with the learners is the first thing you can implement in your training strategy. Video conference is the best tool for hosting a live discussion session and interacting with the learners while making them indulging in learning activities. Thus, interacting with the learners without leaving the learning platform motivates learners to learn more and encourage learning.

Set Up A Guidance Program

Setting up a guidance program becomes easy when you integrate a video conferencing software with an LMS. You can easily host a guidance program to mentor the learners about your upcoming courses and goals. You can also interact with your L&D team to focus on the learning objective of the learners. Thus, setting up a guidance program increases learner’s engagement and motivates them.

Video Conferencing Facilitate Collaboration

Lastly, video conferencing in training facilitates collaboration among the learners. Every learner can access the same knowledge or training and can discuss the related queries in the chats or can directly raise their voice to the instructor. You can also host live events to share eLearning feedback and identify areas for improvement of your courses from the learners.


Integrating video conferencing systems with a Learning Management System (LMS) makes it easy for you to communicate, evaluate, and manage your learners while online training. We at WPLMS provide you with the LMS along with an integrated video conference tool to streamline your training activities.

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