How Interactive Content Can Improve Your Virtual Training Sessions

eLearning has emerged as an effective tool for the training of learners.

Course developers and trainers are attracting the learner’s attention with the interactive courses and contents.

Interactive content makes your eLearning more immersive and makes it easy to understand for the learners.

Therefore, it becomes essential to understand how interactive content can improve your virtual training session and increases its effectiveness.

Why Your eLearning Needs Interactivity ?

Today, interactivity in your eLearning courses plays an important role in engaging the learners throughout the learning process. The level of interactive content in your courses depends on your learner’s profile. If most of your learners are younger than 25 then your courses need more interactivity, on the other hand, if most of your learners are over 40 then they might be comfortable learning with less interactivity.

A learner can’t solve a specific problem by just reading and understanding the courses. They need to see examples before solving problems themselves and later require instructive feedback. In addition, you need custom graphics and animations in your courses for the proper detailing and ease to understand for the learners. If your content is complex then you need a high level of interactive content to make the learning process more simpler and engaging for the learners.

Interactive Contents = Effective Virtual Training

Whenever we interact with the eLearning courses we notice that some courses are plain and deliver only the information without interactivity. While some courses contain interactive elements like- videos, animations, pictures, etc. that entertain the learners while learning.

Learning through the interactive courses means learning through the fully immersive courses that elaborate environments and helps you in making real-life decisions within sophisticated scenarios. Learning from the interactive courses doesn’t require proper attention and while learning through the non-interactive courses lots of attention. Therefore, we can say that interactive training content can create a fundamental gap between the learners who learn through non-interactive courses.

Interactive Contents Attract Learner’s Attention

Interactions of the learners occur when the learner responds to the eLearning module. Interactivity in your eLearning courses is the key to attract the attention of the learners. Every aspect of your eLearning courses should be well designed and interactivity should be thoughtfully placed in a specific spot for a specific purpose so that it can grab the attention of the learners and increase their engagement rate and retention capabilities.

Define The Learning Object

One of the most important things that most of the course developers lack is defining the learning object from their courses to the learners. If you want to deliver your desired results to the learners by defining your learning objectives then interactive content can easily help you in defining the objective of your courses. Interactive contents easily deliver the knowledge by simplifying a complex scenario and make it valuable for the learners by defining the learning objective of the courses.

Increases The Engagement Rate

Interactive contents eliminate the risk of disengagement of the learners and help in customizing your eLearning. It adds various interactivity to your courses so that your courses can engage learners for a longer time. It adds various scenario-based learning, gamification elements like- quizzes and puzzles to provide a deeper level of engagement to the learners throughout the learning process.


Implementing the interactive content in your virtual training is the right fit while designing your next custom eLearning courses. Just take a bit of analysis and planning while creating your courses for an effective reward that you can worth it.

You can implement interactive learning tools in WPLMS through H5p content builder and WPLMS’s editor’s inbuilt Micro-learning shortcodes Like flashcards, words jumble, hotspots etc.

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August 27, 2021
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