How Microlearning Training Facilitate Engagement Of The Learners

Are your courses left uncompleted by the learners?

Does your eLearning courses facilitate the engagement of the learners?

Microlearning training is a type of short digestible training courses that facilitate the engagement of learners.

In this article, we will discuss how microlearning training improves engagement and makes training effective.

Microlearning Training For Your Learners

Microlearning training is one of the latest trends in eLearning. Generally, microlearning courses are short and last about 5 minutes or less for the training of learners. Many organizations and L&D professionals are adopting microlearning courses or training techniques to improve the engagement rate of the learners through shorter duration courses.

In the spirit of microlearning training, trainers and L&D professionals deliver a specific skill to the learners in reference to a systematic overview of the topic. A well-designed microlearning course delivers a specific skill to the learners as well as engage the learners throughout the learning process.

Microlearning Promotes On-the-Go Training

Microlearning with its chunked-size courses allows learners to learn on-the-go while travelling or at their leisure time. On-the-go learning allows learners to engage throughout the courses and develop new skills without disrupting their daily work. Thus, microlearning promotes easy learning and allows learners to access the courses whenever they want.

Microlearning Makes Courses More Interactive

Interactivity in eLearning makes the courses more engaging for the learners. Microlearning courses, due to their shorter duration, contain more interactive elements like- Interactive pdfs and added visuals like- infographics make the training more appealing. Thus, going through the training sessions, learners never feel bored and continue learning. Thus, create more microlearning courses by adding more interactive elements and visuals contents.

Increases Retention Rate Of The Learners

Microlearning training is the right strategy if you want to boost your learner retention. Microlearning courses focus on specific skills and contain information that is more precise and delivers specific learning outcomes. Learning through such precise courses helps in retaining the information for a longer period of time. Thus going through the courses again and again without getting bored keeps retaining the information for longer.

Microlearning Enable Self-Directed Learning 

It is truly said that learners prefer to learn at their own pace. Microlearning definitely fits this segment and allows learners to learn independently at their own pace. Comparing microlearning with the other modes of training, microlearning doesn’t force learners to sit and learn for hours through long or bulky courses. Its shorter duration courses encourage self-directed learning among the learners.

October 11, 2021
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