How Microlearning videos deliver better engaging Learning Experience

Videos are everywhere. Most of the learners prefer watching a video rather than reading a text document. 

Today, videos are an effective method of training and learning new concepts.

Microlearning videos focus on delivering specific concepts, topics, and learning objectives to the learners in a shorter time. 

In this article, we will learn how microlearning videos deliver engaging learning experiences to the learners and make your training successful.

Microlearning Videos For Better Training

Microlearning is a training strategy that delivers highly focused learning to learners. Microlearning videos can be curated as training lectures for learners who want to learn quickly in a shorter period of time. These chunked-sized videos are delivered to the learners as part of daily learning activities. 

Microlearning videos can be used for the training of employees in an organization to continue their workflow as a part of the structured training or used as performance support tools after the formal training.

Just-In-Time Training To The Learners 

Microlearning videos are great in delivering real-time information to the learners with 2 to 3 minutes long videos. The major advantage of the microlearning videos is that it delivers specific concepts, processes, or knowledge to the learners whenever they need. It delivers easy-to-digest actionable training content to the learners on the go to facilitate learning and improves the learning experience of the learners.

Micro Videos Engage The Learners

Videos are great in engaging the audiences whether it is on social media platforms or eLearning platforms. Shorter videos are trending everywhere to attract the attention of the audience. Effectively using videos in your microlearning training course helps you to explain a process with the help of infographics and animation in an engaging way to your learners. Therefore, microlearning videos easily attract the attention of the learners as well as engage them with the courses.

Interactive Videos For Immersive Learning Experience

Interactivity in the training video courses provides an immersive learning experience to the learners. In an interactive video, the learners can interact with the video content easily and it keeps them engaged through fun and play. Interactive microlearning videos keep the learners motivated and ready to learn through various interactivity like- animation, graphics, visuals, and sounds. Thus, interactivity in your training videos plays an important role in engaging the learners and delivers an immersive learning experience.

Learning Objective Motivate Learners

The only thing that motivates learners to learn through microlearning video courses is the learning objective. Create microlearning videos for the training of learners in such a way that it should focus on answering one specific question. Learning objectives of your training makes your training effective for the learners. So, don’t try to put too much information into microlearning videos, this will diminish your educational value and confuse your learners.

Microlearning Videos Are Easily Accessible

Your microlearning videos should be easily accessible across the devices. Microlearning videos that blend seamlessly into the structure of your mobile learning course should be accessed primarily from the mobile phones of the learners. They must have access to training even when an internet connection is not available or for offline viewing. This enables the learners to access the training with ease and continue their training whenever they want.

November 1, 2021
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