How To Attract More Learners Toward Your Courses

Modern learners can adeptly navigate the virtual landscape on-the-go and want your online courses to go along with them.

Attracting more learners toward your courses leads to the success of your online courses. 

Let’s see the several ways which can help you in attracting more learners towards your course. 

Using Attractive Structure For Your Course 

The structure of your course should be simple as they should start with an introduction followed by the learning objectives and then by the main contents with an assessment at the end. But you can still play with the content of your course to engage the learners.

Make the sentences interesting by using quotes, analogies, jokes, funny quotes and examples to highlight the critical points in the course. You can also make your course content interesting by using stories that can emotionally connect with the learner. This will make learners wonder ‘What happens next?’ and then proceed with the course.

Using eye-catching titles and subtitles also draw attention and focus on the key benefits of the course. Using navigation also plays a crucial role in engaging learners where learners are guided on how to move through the course. Learners can unlock the navigation by clicking on items to learn more which are undercover in menus.

Build A Compelling Visual Experience

Visuals in the form of photos, illustrations, videos, charts, or animated GIFs, etc. when combined with your course content attract more learners toward your course and make the learning experience engaging. Visuals help break the monotony of the course. Infographics can replace statistics, animated visuals or videos and can explain complex procedures very easily. Charts can also be used to represent data.

Using Videos For A Multisensory Experience

Videos leave a multisensory experience for the learners as they use both hearing and visual senses. Videos with attractive content, graphics, etc. attract the attention of learners. It makes much easier to engage learners and hold their attention. To increase more attraction of learners you can use interactive clips of videos for them. 

A unique video clip gives them a sense of control and allows them to interact with the video by skipping, pausing, and scrubbing replicates the experience they will be used to while learning with your online courses.

Using Gamification And Quizzes In Your Courses

Nowadays learners are more interested in learning through playing games, quizzes and many other ways which create interest among them. Using these types of features in your course attracts learner’s attention toward your course. It keeps them engaged and challenges made during quizzes and games made them stick with your courses. 

As using gamification and quizzes provide a better experience and keep busy with the people with the use of animation, special effects, characters, and various 3D effect similar to that eLearning content. It provides a better experience with the help of various animations and VFX effect which can generate the interest in learning new things to the people and this will also keep them busy during learning. 


There are various ways to engage learners in your courses from modifying content and adding visuals to using the right interactivities and including videos and gamification in your course. It is not necessary to use all these elements all you need is to find what learners want from your course. This will attract more learners as well as engage them toward your course.

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