How To Build A Course Curriculum

Do you build a course curriculum that makes sense for your learners and integrate across content areas?

If you’re thinking of building a course curriculum for your online course business, try these steps to get started.

The process of creating a course curriculum is relatively simple. We break it down into simple steps so you can quickly create a curriculum that is logical and easy to follow.

Identify Your Goals

Identify your goals when it comes to building a course curriculum for your online courses. Your online course should be a simple shortcut to an outcome. If you are providing your students with the education and resources that they need in order to be successful within your course topic. 

If your online courses are not solving a specific problem then it’s not going to be successful as an online course that solves a specific point for your learners.

Gathering Information

The first step of building a curriculum involves planning and determining Who will take your courses? What is the attitude of the learners towards the subject? and What do they learner already knows?

Obtaining the necessary information about these questions will help in building a better course curriculum. With information in hand and a clear idea of the learners, you can easily build a course curriculum.

Designing The Course Curriculum

After determining a clear objective of the course. As an online course creator, you have to design the course curriculum so that it connects with the course objective. These objectives are measurable and ensure that what learning outcomes can occur.

Perform research, search for appropriate materials, and decide what graphics to use. Use plenty of real-world examples to draw from their day-to-day operations. 

Building The Course Content

The third step in building a course curriculum process is to build the content into a workable set of an instructional unit. Combine your written text material with the graphics, animation, pictures, and GIFs. A short video is often easier than writing out step-by-step instructions. 

Constant communication between team members can help in building a better course curriculum. You can also reach out to selected people such as your design team to discuss what features to be kept and what to retire. 


Evaluation is the final step in curriculum development. Although your online course has gone through multiple iterations and needs to be evaluated at the final stage. 

In order to evaluate your course to make it effective for learners, you should always look for user data, their reviews, try to learn how learners interact with your course, considering these points improve as much as possible.


While designing a course curriculum if you collaborate with a team then you can build an excellent curriculum easily. A team member will generate more ideas and constant iterations of your course will help in building a good curriculum. As a result of this teamwork and dedication, it is possible to build a curriculum that leads to desired learning outcomes.

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