How To Create Virtual Training Session With WPLMS Vibe BBB

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard and led to the lockdown of the business, schools, colleges, and universities across the globe in Virtual training session. People were staying in their homes in order to slow the spread of the virus.

Educational institutions being closed for months, offered zero educational resources to the students but still they have to continue learning even in the face of the pandemic.

The good news among all these is that technology made the learning possible. With virtual learning both teachers and students get in touch and learning continues.

In this article, we’ll learn how you can create a virtual training session with the WPLMS to enhance your training.

Create Virtual Training Session With WPLMS Vibe BBB

WPLMS learning management system (LMS) allows you to easily deliver your eLearning and training courses. It adds more interactivity to your training with its tons of features and special integrated plugins. One more feature it adds to the list is “virtual training session”. If you are looking for an LMS that allows you to create a virtual training session along with the delivery of eLearning courses then WPLMS is the best pick in the market.

Integrating WPLMS LMS with the Vibe BBB plugin, you can easily create a virtual training session for the learners. After the successful integration of the Vibe BBB plugin, you can create a virtual session in just a few steps.

In the Administrator section, Course menu > Edit Course > Course Curriculum > Add Unit. You can easily add the vibe BBB plugin to create a virtual training session.

After successful adding of Vibe BBB meeting plugin in the curriculum, you can edit the name of the meeting according to your unit or topic. You can also suggest the subject of the meeting to the learners.

In these two steps, the setup is complete and now it’s time to add the students or you can select the enrolled students of a particular course from the menu. Once selected, when learners will access their courses from their profile they can join “meeting” from the “another section” menu.

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That’s all! Using this simple step your learners can join the meeting or virtual training session created by you. 

Features Of WPLMS Virtual Training Session

Interact With Learners While Training

Have you ever interacted with your students? Almost every platform allows you to comment, give them feedback or pointers, sharing documents while learning. Of course, this type of comments and feedback encourage learners but WPLMS virtual training sessions allow face-to-face interaction with the learners while training. Solving their queries and problems in real-time motivates them and enhances the learning experience.

Public Chats To Share Views And Experience

While providing training sessions to the learners, WPLMS allows you and your learners an instant public chat. You can chat publicly to all the members while providing training virtually to the learners. Attendees can also chat with any other attendees without disturbing the training session.   

Easy Screen Sharing 

WPLMS virtual training session also allows you to share your screen with the learners to make your training more effective and compelling. With just a click on the screen sharing option, you can share your screen and learners can also share their screen with you.

Easily Cam Sharing 

Here is some good news!! WPLMS vibe BBB allows an unlimited number of participants to join the conference at the same time and can share their cam easily. This makes it the topmost choice of many online trainers and course developers.

Record Your Virtual Training Session 

WPLMS virtual training sessions can be easily recorded and made available to the learners. Record your live training sessions courses Almost every video conferencing software provides and keep it as a record for the learners who have missed the live training session. instagram takipçi satın al

Access Live Recorded Training Session

Now, learners can access your recorded virtual sessions right from the course section. Your recorded session is automatically placed on the course unit section. A learner can easily watch the recording whenever they want.

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