How To Design A Well Crafted Microlearning Training Courses

Are your learners losing interest in the middle of training?

Whether you are delivering long courses that take hours to complete.

Gone are the days, when learners could sit for long hours to access your training. That’s where microlearning training came into the picture.

Microlearning is small content or short learning modules that are designed to deliver a specific learning goal.

In this article, we will learn the various tips and tricks to design great microlearning training courses for learners.

Designing A Well Crafted Microlearning Courses

Microlearning is a short, bite-sized learning module that is designed to deliver a specific learning goal to the learners. In order to design a great microlearning course, it requires a lot of research, and not every course can be compatible with microlearning. Microlearning courses work well to deliver relevant information to the learners and quickly define a learning goal.

Microlearning training courses easily fit in the learning habits of the learners due to their short modules and enhance the performance of the learners. These short training courses can be used for training specific learner needs and are great for spaced repetition. Let’s see the various tips and tricks that will help you in designing a great microlearning training course.

Deliver A Specific Learning Goal

Many L&D professionals and online trainers fail to deliver a specific learning goal to the learners and that’s the main reason for the failure of training courses. Incorporating specific learning in a 3 to 5 minutes microlearning training course is not an easy task. You have to choose the specific topic and content wisely so that it can be tailored easily to deliver a specific learning goal to the learners. Combine, tailor, and elaborate on that idea to deliver your microlearning training.

Use Visuals And Rich Media

If you are designing microlearning training courses with plain and simple texts then don’t waste your time because it can’t even engage the learners even for 3 to 5 minutes. Design your microlearning training with the help of visuals, graphics, animations, and elements like- images, videos. These rich media and visuals add more value to your training and easily engage the learners. Thus, learners are easily attracted to your training process and retain information better and faster.

Include Gamification In Your Microlearning Training

I think your microlearning training is incomplete without a touch of gamification and its elements. Gamification brings a higher rate of engagement for the learners and allows them to complete the training through fun and play. Gamification-based microlearning training stimulates and engages the learners with games-like scenarios during the training and enables them to learn more. Adding gamification and its various elements in designing your training module creates compelling microlearning training.

Add a Touch Of Personalization

There are no training courses created that fit the learning needs of all the learners. Every learner has their own pace and style of learning. An effective microlearning training is one that supports and adapts to the learning needs of an individual. Personalizing your microlearning training courses according to the needs that work best for your learners is a way to upgrade their skills and deliver better training to them.

Don’t Overburden Your Content

A microlearning training with fewer texts, videos, and better graphics and animations is more likely to be loved by the learners. Segregate your content with balanced content that looks visually appealing and adds more value to the learners. Over text, images, and graphics can make the layout of your training content bulky and become the prime reason for the disengagement of the learners.  


Designing micro-learning training can influence your learners and increase your popularity. We at WPLMS Learning Management System help you in creating the best microlearning training courses with our interactive platform. Now, create the best learning experience with engaging and entertaining training programs with WPLMS.

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October 18, 2021
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