How To Make Your Microlearning Training More Effective

Are your microlearning training courses able to engage the learners?

If not, then your microlearning training strategy needs to take microlearning training approaches and challenges.

In this article, we will learn the strategy that will help you in making your microlearning training more effective for learners.

How To Make Your Microlearning Training Effective

Microlearning strategies act as a silver bullet for the training of the learners and are a popular method and a strong instructional strategy used by the L&D professional and online trainers. Many professionals create microlearning courses but in order to create the best, they combine various things in short interval courses and somehow lose the interest of the learners.

The best microlearning training is the one that delivers JIT support to the learners by reducing seating time, eLearning expenses, and learner boredom. However, things don’t always go according to plan. Here are some microlearning rules that will help you in creating effective training for your learners.

Know Your Learners

You can’t create a better microlearning training course without knowing the backgrounds, preferences, and goals of the learners. Knowing what your learners want to learn is the first step toward creating a successful training. Many online trainers and course creators make the mistake of creating training courses using tunnel vision and that’s why they are not able to engage the learners. Completing your courses while favoring the training objectives and delivering the learning goals makes your courses more effective.

Focus On The Learning Goal

Microlearning training is a short-duration course that is designed primarily for immediate training and application. So, don’t put too much information in one training video or courses. Always focus on providing one learning goal in one microlearning training. This way your learners will never feel rushed or get the sense that information is fragmented. Focus on a single objective so that you can include the essentials without going over the time limit and complete the videos in 3 to 4 minutes.

Include Recaps And Recommendations

A short recap can help the learners in reminding the previous concepts and puts more effectiveness in their learning from the current training courses. Include recaps for the first 1 minute or 30 seconds so that your training should be not summarizing concepts that your learners already know. You can also add recommended courses that your learners can use to broaden their knowledge and extra skills. Adding these extra activities can improve the training of the learners and deliver a better learning experience.

Build Theme For Better Engagement

Building a theme of your microlearning training is a way to attract the attention of the learners. Building your theme and template of a particular design helps you in keeping courses organized and ensuring the text/graphical elements are balanced. including many visuals can overwhelm the learners so only include visuals that support the subject matter and give context. Thus, your microlearning course stays true to the brand message and allows you to quickly update content by maintaining the learning experience.


Creating microlearning training using unconventional content leaves a lasting impression among the learners. Use these pointers if you want to build more effective training courses for the learners. Use recaps and follow-up resources to refresh the learning experience of the learners. 

November 9, 2021
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