Interactive eLearning Platform: To Make Your Courses More Powerful

We all know that good content is very important but how will you engage your learners with your courses?

I often see learners pick any random course and often end up with frustration and leave your courses complaining that it doesn’t have good and engaging course content.  

Interactivity in your eLearning platforms can work wonders for your learners far beyond your imagination as it can engage your learners for a longer period of time.

Do you want an interactive eLearning platform for your learners?

Today we at WPLMS will look at some of the proven attributes that can make your eLearning platforms more interactive.

User-Friendly UI For Interactive Platform

When users go through your eLearning platform whether App or Website and find it easy to access your course content. A user-friendly UI is responsible for it that helps in browsing and determine the look as well as the functionality of the eLearning courses. It can enhance the website layout, colors, graphics, videos, icons, and navigations. 

This way UI presents your courses in a simpler way and reduces the extraneous cognitive load of the users and provides them a good learning experience. It also helps them in making decisions in favor of your eLearning platform.

Gamification For Interactive Platform

Gamification in your eLearning platforms engage the learners and promotes the active interest of the learners. Adding gamification in your eLearning platforms increase the level of interaction and motivate the learners to achieve more throughout the whole learning process.

Many online course developers are using gamification factors like- progress level, scores, certificates, digital badges, gifts, etc. in their eLearning platforms to optimize the overall learning process of the learners and to involve them throughout the learning process.

Automatic Course Recommendation

It is always a confusing task for the learners to select the right course. For learners, it becomes even more difficult when you have a huge collection of courses in your online education platform. Thus it becomes essential to integrate a recommendation engine to your LMS.

WPLMS online education platform uses an AI-based software platform that automatically recommends the relevant courses to the users. Thus it creates a better chance to engage learners when they will go through the suggested courses.

Multiple Device Support

Today’s learners use devices of all shapes and sizes and nearly 87% of the users use two to three devices per day to take online training and courses from the online learning platforms. Learners prefer to switch from one device to another to take your courses whenever they need it.

Choose an LMS like- WPLMS to make your eLearning platform accessible on multiple devices like- mobile phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, and smart TVs. Your courses are easily accessible across all the devices and work smoothly. It provides a good interface to the learners while learning through your online courses.

Social And Collaborative Learning 

To make your eLearning platform more interactive, promote social and collaborative learning in your online courses. Just like traditional classroom courses, allow your learners to socially interact with other participants via live chats, instant messaging, and forum boards.  

Create groups and forums so that learners can share additional courses, assessments, study materials, links and queries with other learners to enrich the learning experience of the learners and promote collaborative learning.


Now, I’m sure that you have come across all the features and benefits of the interactive eLearning platform. WPLMS is here to provide you all these features in your online courses without involving any hassle. 

We provide a lot of support for the adaptability of your courses with zero codings to set up your online education platform. WPLMS comes with an integrated mobile app so that you can easily launch your eLearning app with us. 

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