Is Chat GPT out-smarting your LMS ?

Students “outsmarting” Learning management systems or online teaching platforms has always been a big concern among the Learning providers. Even before Chat GPT there were genuine concerns about how effective are self learning courses ? Do the certifications of self learning courses hold any merit ?

In all likeliness in self-paced courses students could just finish their courses in few minutes to gain certificates and which ultimately defeat the purpose of a Certificates as students did not learn anything.

Traditional solutions provided by LMS provide inefficient ways to tackle this by adding a Drip Feed which may deter a student trying to cheat but can also hinder a student genuinely interested.

The other traditional solution was to involve quizzes and assignments so test user’s level of understanding on the topic. With the inset of really handy AI tools like ChatGPT it presents a serious problem in hands of instructors.

What is Chat GPT ?

GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a type of language model developed by OpenAI that is able to generate human-like text. It is trained on a very large dataset of human-generated text, and can be fine-tuned for specific tasks such as translation or question answering.

In the context of online education, GPT could potentially be used to generate personalized study materials or to assist in the creation of online courses. For example, a teacher could use GPT to generate practice questions and quizzes based on the specific needs and abilities of their students. GPT could also be used to generate explanations or summaries of course material, which could be helpful for students who are struggling to understand the material.

There are also potential concerns about the use of GPT in online education. One concern is that GPT could be used to generate fake or misleading information, which could have serious consequences for students who rely on it for their education. It will be important for educators and students to be aware of the limitations of GPT and to verify the accuracy of any information generated by the model.

Overall, the implications of GPT in online education are still largely unknown and will depend on how the technology is used and regulated in the future.

Content Generated by ChatGPT

Ultimately, the LMS’s need to be smart enough to be able to catch and evolve and even ChatGPT agrees to it.

If you are providing meaningful certifications it would make sense to add a booking interview with the student which is possible in WPLMS by using the booking addon and adding a booking unit in the curriculum which can only be marked by instructor after she understands the level of understanding of the student. In such units the instructor selects the timeslots where she is available and the student can select those slots in the unit which creates a meeting with the instructor.

Is your LMS AI Powered ?

Only an AI powered solution can tackle this situation ! LMS’s need to be smart to have a changing curriculum based on user’s level of understanding. This is now a requirement of the modern LMS platforms.

Disclaimer : This is something which we will see more in WPLMS v5.0 as it gears towards a full feature AI powered LMS in 2023.

January 2, 2023
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