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Launch and Vision

With the ever growing need of an effective and modern online education platform, comes a need to update and maintain it. With the aim to prove that WPLMS is the best learning management system online, we’re launching WPLMS.io today.

We’ve also designed a growth chart for WPLMS which caters to most of the points missing from our earlier vision. These points can be specifically categorised into the following :

  1. WPLMS Mobile App – Student & Instructors
  2. App Support and Customisation
  3. WPLMS Customisations
  4. Priority Support with dedicated resource and SLAs.
  5. SAAS version of WPLMS.
  6. WPLMS Hosting
  7. Telephonic support

We’ll be launching these products and services on Wplms.io in different phases. The first phase has already begun which comprises of the WPLMS Mobile apps.


September 8, 2017

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