Microlearning: Driving Learning And Performance In The Hybrid Workplace

Training employees is a challenging task for the L&D teams in the hybrid workplace.

Learning in the flow of work is a way to enhance learning and drive performance of the employees.

Microlearning training allows L&D teams to create personalized and learner-centric learning journeys.

In this article, we will discuss how microlearning training can engage employees and boost their performance.

Microlearning For Hybrid Workplace

The learning environment challenges of a hybrid workforce are varied in various ways and today’s corporate training is all about direct application. But, a particular training is not sufficient for training the whole employees because each employee learns differently.

In a hybrid work environment, employees have more work and less time for training. In this super busy environment, microlearning training with bit-sized courses offers a great flexibility of learning to the employees. It enhances learning with easy nugget courses that match learner needs and expectations.

On-Demand Training Solution For Employees

Microlearning training was created to deliver a simplistic and  sustainable training to the learners who can use it in moments of need and at the same time learn concepts in the process. Thus, whenever an employee faces an obstacle or forgets the training concept then they can easily access microlearning training courses to implement in their job role. Microlearning videos and podcast-based content makes it perfect for the on-demand training solution for the employees.

Deliver Immersive Learning Experience

The primary approach amalgamated with numerous scenarios derived from real-life instances helps you in delivering an immersive learning experience. These types of concepts help you in incorporating several working scenarios that help the employees to drive it as a performance support tool. Microlearning formats help you in delivering an immersive learning experience from the training sessions.

Mentoring Employees With Microlearning

Microlearning with shorter duration courses are capable of delivering effective learning by employing goal oriented learning. These goal oriented learning microlearning has transformed the way employees perceive a mentoring session. Employees can easily apply mentoring concepts that help them to apply in their job role making the learning available for employees on their mobile phones at all times.

Microlearning For Self-Improvement

In the hybrid workplace, employees are very busy working to prove themselves and find less time to enhance their skill sets. The use of short-form microlearning training content is an ideal solution to these challenges as it can be easily accessed by the employees as a core learning. It enhances their job improvement tool and acts as a performance support for them.

Compact Learning For New Hires

Microlearning training is all about “learning by doing” approach. When a newly onboarded employee intract with the organization then the training of the employee is the first thing we provide to them to learn and grow as a leader. The training of the employee make the experience completely relatable to the organization’s need and that should be the key success factor for the training. This compact training helps them to gain knowledge on the tools and resources available.


Microlearning is the need of driving learning and performance in the modern hybrid workplace. It supports the employees at the point of need and learning in the flow of work. If you are a corporate trainer or consultant and looking for a platform to deliver training to the employees then WPLMS is the best platform you can choose for your training needs.

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