Pre-Selling Your Online Courses Before Creating Them

Have you ever launched your course and it was a complete failure? All your spent time, effort, and resources have gone waste.

I know this situation feels very terrible right?

The good news is that you don’t have to experience this type of situation again.

Pre-selling your online courses is one of the ways to sell your online courses. It generates a lot of resources and protects you from wasting your valuable time and money.

In this article, We at WPLMS will discuss why selling your online courses before creating them can make your online courses successful and will save time and resources.

Why Sell Your Online Courses Before Creating

Selling online courses before creating them is not a new concept. Online course developers from all over the world are selling their online courses in advance before creating them. This way many course developers are validating the demand for their ideas upfront before investing the necessary time and resources in creating the courses. 

If your idea does not meet the expected response and the required funding from the learners then you can improve and refine your course idea. This way pre-selling helps you to improve and refine your online courses and makes it a huge success.

How To Sell Your Courses Before Creating

Here we will discuss the specific strategies that can be used for pre-selling your online courses. This can help you in validating the demand for your courses before investing a significant amount of time and resources.

1. Market Your Online Courses

When you come up with an idea of your online courses. Give a perfect title for your course and outline the important content you intend to include in your courses. Present your course in front of the target audience and market your courses on a social media platform, hosting a webinar and through the Email campaign to attract more learners for your courses.

2. Set A Competitive Price

A competitive price will help you in meeting the specific sales goal of your online courses. In fact, set a competitive price for your online courses. A lower price for the pre-selling of your online course will attract more learners. Sales goals will help in justifying while creating your online courses. If you are not able to meet the sales goals then you can simply refund the purchase due to not enough interest in your course to justify your refund.

3. Complete Your Course In A Time Frame

When you have decided to sell your online course before creating them then you have to provide a fixed time frame for the complete course. You actually have to create it in the provided time frame that you have promised to your customers to avoid complaints and refund requests. This can help you in creating a better reputation among the learners.

Benefits Of Pre-Selling Your Online Courses

Pre-selling your online courses has many advantages. Here we will see the best advantages that it offers.

1. Pre-Selling Generates Revenue For Your Courses

Pre-selling your online courses generates revenue before investing in creating them. You can use the revenue from those sales to create your courses and in the promotion of your course. This can result in zero expenses for you while developing your online courses.

2. Pre-Selling Saves Your Time And Resources

Selling your online courses saves your resources that you can use in creating other courses. It also minimizes the risk of spending your time and money on those courses that are not demandable in the market. This way pre-selling saves your time and resources and increases the overall productivity of your courses.

3. Builds Market For Your Courses

Promoting your course before pre-selling your online courses builds the market for your online courses. When your course is ready, you can simply Email the paid customers to access your online courses.

4. Provides Instant Feedback

When you start pre-selling your online courses, the response of the learners provides you instant feedback on whether you have to complete developing your online courses. You can also create your courses based on the actual desires and requests of the learners provided in the feedback.


In my opinion, pre-selling your online courses before creating it is much better to pitch your idea for your online course. It allows you to target your audience and find out whether your online course will be a huge success or not. So it is better to adopt pre-selling before spending significant amounts of time and money to create an online course that no one buys.

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