2.4.1 : Updated Welcome page and links.

Features Added

  1. ADDED : Check Every question in Quiz feature, tutorial
  2. ADDED : Multiple Fillblank and Multiple Select dropdown question types, tutorial
  3. ADDED : Survey question type , tutorial
  4. ADDED : Course Events display style , tutorial
  5. ADDED : Page load effects , tutorial
  6. ADDED : Course Forum connector , tutorial
  7. ADDED : Course filters auto-switch , tutorial
  8. ADDED : Display Instructor courses in Instructor Profiles
  9. ADDED : Switch to skip Course Status description page and directly open the first unit on course start/continue in LMS – Settings.

Updated Components

  1. UPDATED : Custom Registration Forms with BuddyPress Profile field visibility and validation.
  2. UPDATED : Buddydrive 2.0 Compatibility
  3. UPDATED :Big Quiz (>100) submission logic to reduce quiz submission time.
  4. UPDATED : Course Category, Level, Location redirect to Course Directory
  5. UPDATED : Close icon added in Course Certificate
  6. UPDATED : Close icon added in Quiz results
  7. UPDATED : Force parameter to flush out Quiz results cache.
  8. UPDATED : User activation redirect options added , Profile, Dashboard, My courses
  9. UPDATED : Translation files

Bug Fixes

  1. FIXED : Course directory slug causing permalink issues in courses
  2. FIXED : Stop, “enter” button in Directory search and Course – Admin search to reload the page.
  3. FIXED : Course Directory redirect stops working in D5 layout.
  4. FIXED : CSV Increment for Assignment marks in Course stats.
  5. FIXED : Add Media popup styling issues in front end.
  6. FIXED : Drip feed not working for first 2 unit
  7. FIXED : Drip Feed reload fix
  8. FIXED :  Header image not shown in fullwidth
  9. FIXED : Validations in registration forms
  10. FIXED : Description not displayed below fields in registration forms
  11. FIXED : Quiz passing score not working on page reload
  12. FIXED : Course expiry schedule mail unit.name should be course.name
  13. FIXED : My Events dashboard widget, global events not visible
  14. FIXED : Bulk Import questions with commas
  15. FIXED : Z-index menu issue resolved in Modern theme
  16. FIXED : Quiz question explanation not displayed in results
  17. FIXED : Add padding in single activity
  18. FIXED : Buddydrive not displaying course files
  19. FIXED : Buddydrive 2.0 issues with course directory
  20. FIXED : Breadcrumbs not maintaining parent – child relationship of categories
  21. FIXED : WooCommerce my account , links issues.
  22. FIXED : WooCommerce my account edit account slug issue when slug translated in woocommerce settings
  23. FIXED : Progress bar issue with check answers in in course quiz
  24. FIXED : Instructor not registering with registration forms.
  25. FIXED : Menu’s not importing in PHP 7.0
  26. FIXED : Latex issue when questions have latex in content and options.
  27. FIXED : Registration forms fields not displayed which have spaces in them
  28. FIXED : When messages are disabled, notifications also disabled in Logged in menu.
  29. FIXED : Unit completion lock and quiz issue. When quiz is between two units.
  30. FIXED : Approve reject button in Course submissions not displaying a loading icon.
  31. FIXED : Add a page loading effect when the page is being displayed.
  32. FIXED : App style header , logged in menu closing when outside click
  33. FIXED : Filter added for instructor content privacy
  34. FIXED :  Course Search with Instructor not working for CoAuthors
  35. FIXED : Animation issues in course progress when searching for user in Course – Admin
  36. FIXED : Strict standard errors resolved.
  37. FIXED : Course stats mobile view issue
  38. FIXED : Course subscribe email sent two times when user is added to course.
  39. FIXED : Remove user form course – admin the count does not go to 0
  40. FIXED : Assignment database query notices
  41. FIXED : Courses does not list when Instructor is a CoAuthor
  42. FIXED : Dashboards commission widget, query update
  43. FIXED : Back to course button visible when course is disconnected from form.
  44. FIXED : Social links not generated properly for Members carousel social profile fields.
  45. FIXED : Instructor signup form (custom registration forms) not validating fields.
  46. FIXED : Several RTL styling Fixes
  47. FIXED : Quizzes as Survey
  48. FIXED : Course reviews widget order by random implemented.
  49. FIXED : File preview not visible in Buddydrive files for public visibility.
  50. FIXED : Translation issues with string Expired course/ Start course, translation strings changed with %s for better clarity.





Language WPLMS Theme Vibe course Module Vibe Custom Types Vibe Shortcodes WPLMS assignments WPLMS Dashboard WPLMS EventOn WPLMS Frontend
pt_BR 81 68 80 96 86 98 100 92
pl_PL 4 0
nl_NL 60 32
it_IT 33 27 34 100 34
fr_FR 95 85 52 80 99 68 100 35
es_ES 78 43 62 93 77 88 100 39
el_GR 60 31 66 35
de_DE 61 32 42 66 80 37
ar 50 30 41 61 78 31
zh_CN 82 72 83 80 74 87 100 87
tr_TR 38 28 2 0 2 0 6 0
sv_SE 75 40 47 80 74 83 100 37
fa_IR 95 82 90 97 85 99 100 92
sr_RS 54 25
ru_RU 70 42 50 80 68 76 100 37
nb_NO 70
sk_SK 4 44 67 77 94
 zh_TW 82

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  1. Dave

    Just installed this version of your theme. It created a new formatting error in the Vibe Carousel widget when using post type testimonials. See: http://prnt.sc/de3935

    The “> should not be there.

  2. skop81

    Hi there,
    in wp-content/themes/wplms/assets the images folder is missed. I’ve seen this because the avatar default image is missing on the front-end. I’ve solved with a manual creation of the folder “images” inserting an avatar custom image.

  3. hemant_832003

    large file upload feature is added in this update or not ?
    Please add “multi files upload” feature also in Amazon s3

  4. skop81

    There are a lot of truble when I try to change and select the colors into customize–>theme
    All slots for selecting the color in all section (header, body, color, footer, etc.) does not work properly, please check!

  5. holycow

    How do we update the theme without overriding any custom edits to the Blank Child Theme?

    1. Whichchild theme are you using ? Simple redownload the package from your Themeforest account and get the child theme from the child themes folder.

    Simple redownload the package from your Themeforest account and get the child theme from the child themes folder.

    1. Ok, 1. Login to your account at themeforest.com 2. Go to the downloads section in your themeforest profile and download the full theme package with all the files 3. Unzip the download package and in the unzipped pack locate the child themes folder, inside this you’ll find the latest modern theme. 4. Now you need to replace your current installed version of modern theme with this one. You can do this via FTP or cPanel by simply replacing the wp-content/themes/modern folder with the unzipped folder from the modern.zip for more clarity please post this on our forums:

  7. Instalamos la version 2.4 e inmediatamente dejaron de funcionar los botones de continue course de todos los cursos

    1. hraulbc

      Hector, de casualidad algunas traducciones de tu tema dejaron de funcionar. Como los botones de Entrer(Login), Salir (Logout) entre otros

  8. pasqat

    Hi, I’ve just upgraded the theme. I was waiting the compatibility with buddydrive 2.0 but there is something wrong.
    In the single course page section Drive there isn’t any button to upload file, neither the list of all the file previously upload. The list of the file uploaded before the update is missing even in the back office.
    Is there something I’m missing?

      1. pasqat

        Yes I do. I checked and it is 2.4.1.
        I’ve update all the component and tried to install the previous version of buddydrive but don’t appear in the course, even if buddydrive its visible and works right in the user profile and in the BO

  9. dantwah

    Update looks awesome. However, we have so much customized that we can’t update easily. Could you share the code and where to implement it for the bug fix 2 (FIXED : Stop, “enter” button in Directory search and Course – Admin search to reload the page.)? (can be in a private message or through email as well) That would be of great help!


      1. dantwah

        Thanks, but I can’t find it in the code ;(. Could you please specify it? (or share the lines of code 🙂 )


  10. skop81

    Drag-and-drop function not working on Mozilla FireFox in all backend section. I thought that this happens only in WP-Theme-Customizer, but this happens also in other section such as the WordPress Menu Drag-and-drop.
    I’ve tested other website realized with WP in FireFox, this is an issue only in WPLMS after the updating to 2.4.1 ver.

        1. If you’re using Wplms version 2.4 then make sure you’re using buddydrive 2.0+ and also make sure you have migrated the buddydrive files to the updated version. When you update buddydrive you’ll get this option.

          1. pasqat

            Thank you for your reply.
            I’ve check just to be sure, and I’m using versione 2.4 and buddydrive 2.0
            I’ve tried to uninstall buddydrive, install versione 1.3.3 and then update to 2.0 But when I do it there are no option to migrate content, there is something that doesn’t work and I don’t know waht it is. What can I do to fix this problem is really important and urgent. Please help me

          2. Buddydrive should give you an option to migrate files from 1.3.3 to 2.0 , there is some change in how buddydrive handles files in the 2.0. Post this in support forums and we’ll check your site .

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