Features :

  1. Option to send the notification/email to users who are inactive for a certain time period. Tutorial
  2. New tab style in course layout. Tutorial
  3. Automatic  Finish course option when curriculum is complete.
  4. Guest checkout automatic disable if cart has course.
  5. Profile Menu dropdown Settings. Tutorial
  6. Start video from where its left in unit, if the unit is reloaded.
  7. Contact form email template added.

Updated  :

  1. Enabled pl-upload in assignments by default .
  2. Header improvements in mobile.
  3. Remove redundant settings in lms settings.
  4. All emails migrated to buddypress and removed the skip migrate emails in email migration notice.
  5. Close timeline on unit load in mobile [full-screen] course status template only.
  6. Mooc header modified.
  7. Quiz time format modified, shows time in hours and minutes if its greater than 3 hours.
  8. All headings on course page changed to h3 for uniformity.

Fixed :

  1.  Assignment remarks issue in file link that is sent to user fixed.
  2. TEXT DOMAIN MISSING in Vibeshortcodes/tinymce/plugin.js.
  3. Rev-slider issue with height.
  4. Course counter fix in vibe stats shortcode.
  5. Download attachment link does not works in user’s  assignments results.
  6.  When auto generate username is enabled in custom registration forms then form always shows username already registered.
  7. Get_content not working in setup nav in some cases.
  8. Warning from bp_course_admin.php file.
  9. Assignment submission not found if submitted by instructor from course admin stats.
  10. Profile page not accessible in some cases due to course forum privacy.
  11. Quiz timer not showing in particular use case.
  12. Data is not saving in profile field if field is multi line text area.
  13. Dashboard student activity widget issue when BuddyPress message component is disabled.
  14. Warning in survey type quiz results if the options are not set.



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  1. lincourtl

    Problem with profile menu after update to WPLMS 2.6.

    Updated to theme and all plugins this morning, and while I love the new customizable profile menu, it has caused a problem with extra text appearing in the profile menus.

    Screenshot here: http://prnt.sc/echty4

  2. waytogo

    Your links to your tutorials for version 2.6 are either broken or the screenshots are missing

  3. hraulbc

    Profile Menu Dropdown Settings, same problem as lincourtl

  4. nemilio

    After the upgrade I got the following error as soon I tried to access: Fatal error: Call to a member function format_creds() on null in /customers/e/4/9/singularisacademy.com/httpd.www/wp-content/plugins/wplms-mycred-addon/includes/class.init.php on line 255

  5. entrenese

    hay un inconveniente con los certificados, no aparecen los nombres del usuario solo las variables como certificate_student_name] : Displays Students Name
    2. [certificate_course] : Displays Course Name
    3. [certificate_student_marks] : Displays Students Marks in Course
    4. [certificate_student_date]: Displays date on which Certificate was awarded to the Student
    5. [certificate_student_email]: Displays registered email of the Student
    6. [certificate_code]: Generates unique code for Student which can be validated from Certificate page.
    7. [course_completion_date]: Displays course completion date from course activity.

    alguna idea del error?

  6. Nicole

    Hi there,

    I would like to update the child theme, but can not find files. The links that I found that should lead to the files are broken.

    I hop you can help.

    Warm regards,

  7. Mehmet


    I can not find the files allowing the update of the child theme to version 2.6. Where can I find them?

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