Customise Logged in Menu – WPLMS

In WPLMS we have added a feature to customise the Logged in Menu Dropdown



  1. Go to wp-admin -> LMS settings -> Logged in Menu 
  2. You can customise this drop down menu with the settings located in the LMS settings.

3. You can drag and drop any of the detail to reorder them.

4.  You can customise the delete existing items, change their icons, labels, links, reorder them and create custom menu           items.

5.  On clicking on the ADD NEW DETAIL


7. You can assign custom labels.

  • notifications{{notification_count}}
  • inbox{{inbox_count}}

{{notification_count}} will return the notification count and {{inbox_count}} will return the inbox count.


8. You can assign a custom icon by simply writing the class of the icon .

Not all the font awesome icons will work as some of them are premium and not added in the theme.

But you will be able to use most of the icons.


9. You can also assign a custom link.

  • For adding a static link you can write it as : htttp://
  • {{siteurl}} will return your site’s url.
  • {{userprofile}} will return user’s profile link.
  • if you want to add a link of a blog  you can write as : {{siteurl}}blog-name
  • if you want to add a link of friends  you can write as : {{userprofile}}friends
  • If you want to add a link that opens up in  a new tab then write it as :” target=”_blank


10. If you want to show a detail to a particular level of user, You can set the privacy for that detail.

  • All users
  • Instructors
  • Admins
  • Students







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  1. Beny

    Unable to Edit Profile Menu, such as changing the icons and the links only work for the admin but redirects other users (students and instructors) to my 404 page

    1. nermen safwat

      dear slidebar left below student name in his profile like (dashboard , cources , activity , profile) how to reach it to change it or delete tab or add tab ?

  2. alexarosario

    Hi there! Can you give more details on how to use custom icons?

  3. lincourtl

    ^Same here. I tried a couple of the Font Awesome icons (eg fa-address-card-o) but they didn’t show up.

  4. Skywalker

    Checking the issue.
    Please wait.
    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  5. Skywalker

    All the issues are fixed in the upcoming update of vibe custom types 2.6.2
    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
    Update will be released today.

  6. guardiavirtual

    Not working properly, I do not have the menus and submenus nor can I choose the icons or anything. Has it already been updated? Screenshot: http: //

  7. kffaner

    Since the latest update all it lets you do is add custom links. I want to add a dashboard link (i removed it previously) but there is no such choice…

    1. Skywalker

      @kffaner I just checked your site, you need to activate the WPLMS Dashboard plugin. Only then you can add Dashboard link in the logged in menu.

  8. Skywalker

    @kffaner I just checked your site, you need to activate the WPLMS Dashboard plugin. Only then you can add Dashboard link in the logged in menu.

  9. tptomek

    What the address in custom link for ?:
    – dashboard
    – notifications
    – courses
    for example: settings {{userprofile}}settings
    please give me the custom link, regards Tomasz

  10. How to set up the inbox. I have tried but when I click Inbox, it shows page can not found. Please help me.

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