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In WPLMS 2.5 version we’ve added new templates for Course status page. We received a lot of requests for fullscreen course status template and we’ve added it.

To switch the template you can switch it from WP admin – WPLMS – Course Manager – Course status templates :


Full Screen Course status Template :

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  1. chriseana

    Congratulations! Great update.
    But it seems to have something wrong for me. At “Course Status Template” option I have only two options to choose. One is the default template (the old one), the other shows the unit page in full width with the course curriculum and status widgets below the content. I would like to know how to see the full page with the widgets at the left, like the screen of the tutorial above.

  2. karolla86

    Fullwith course template doenst work on my web page.

  3. goofernator

    I am running a Modern Child Theme, I updated the parent to 2.5 and switched to Full Width template…but nothing changed.

    1. goofernator

      For those who have Modern Child Theme and want to have the Fullscreen layout:
      Replace start.php file from wplms_modern folder with start.php file from the wplms parent folder

  4. elimonagabay

    No start questionnaire button on Course status templates full Screen

  5. hello
    i have changed the course status templete to full screen and i dont see the unit settings area like the photo attached above …… please how to do it let me know.

  6. tevch

    Can you give some more information – it took some time to figure out that it doesn’t work with modern, so in what themes DOES it work? i used blankchild – it doesn’t work. Copied start.php to blankchild – doesn’t work. Tried using white theme – doesn’t work


    1. Except Modern it will work in all the themes. I would suggest you to use the “Blankchildtheme”, as all the features are available in the default theme itself.

  7. Nice upgrade, works well for me, but in User testing the “X” isn’t clicked as users assume it will close the lesson window. Can the “X” be replaced with something more intuitive? And be moved to touch the menu? At the moment it is too far away from what it is controlling and creates user confusion. Thanks

  8. Just moved it in in Custom CSS. Here’s a fix if anyone is having the same issues:

    #hideshow_course_pursue_panel {
    left: 400px;

    Now, just to find that “X” and pop an arrow in….

  9. calford

    Nice upgrade,
    But how can the student go back to the ‘site’? The menú is gone

  10. MariWin

    Hi, I use the Minimal Theme (chosen in customizer), but fullscreen course doesn’t work. I tried to find the Minimal folder in FTP to replace the start.php of the Minimal folder with that of the Main folder (as it was said above for modern theme) – but I cannot find a Minimal folder in my ftp. Only the main folder has a start.php in it. I also tried using default theme and then setting courses to fullscreen, but this did not work either. I need my courses to be fullscreen like in Udemy – any other idea, what I could try next? Thank you ver much,

    1. Which child theme are you using ? Did you try changing course style from customiser – layouts section ?

  11. Hi when placing the complete template in the courses, it does not allow me to close the menu with the X button, why does not it work? The expected 2 updates and have not yet solved this.

    1. Most likely your theme is not updated. There is no longer a “x” button but we now have arrows.

  12. Previmotion

    Hi there, i changed my Course status template to full screen
    wplms > course manager > Course status templates -> full screen > yes

    Now my …..//course-status/ page is buggy
    1. i have no accordion function in my Curriculum menu

    where is this setting or is it a bug?

    the text of every unit which is currently selected
    > do i have to change CSS somewhere?
    >> where is it?

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