Improvements in WPLMS Certificates

In version 2.5 we’ve added major changes in certificates. We’re now generating the certificates and storing them as attachment to the courses.

Few important points to note :

  1. The certificate generation happens on browser.
  2. When the certificate is opened for the first time, it is also uploaded as an attachment to the course.
  3. This attachment is displayed as Course attachments.
  4. To regenerate certificates and overwrite certificate image, append the ?regenerate_certificate in the url of the user profile and then re-open the certificate popup. This will force generate the certificate by overwriting the generated image. So, if you change the certificate template, you can re-generate the certificates using this trick.


Future possibilities :

  1. Send the Certificate in an Email to the user when it is generated.
  2. Regenerate bulk certificates and mass email certificates to users via CSV files.

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    1. Reload the page and try again this time the Certificate will be saved as an image in your site.

  1. Before upgrade the certificate showed well.
    Now the certificate shows only left half of the background image.
    Changing the certificate width and regenerate_certificate doesn’t help either.
    Why and how to fix it?

    1. Sorry I should have been more clear. To regenerate any students certificate, you need to open the student profile and append the ?regenerate_certificate string in the URL. I will share a video tip on this, please wait for the tutorial, coming up soon.

  2. After completing a course with quiz passed, the certificate is not available in Profile.

    The certificate function worked fine for me in WPLMS 2.4.x, and it has a number of problems coming up, wasting a lot of efforts in fixing.
    How can I change back to WPLSM 2.4.x for certificate function?

  3. EmanuelGT

    How can I include user’s first and last name instead of username?
    instead of [certificate_student_name], is a [certificate_student_first_name] shortcode? I’ve tried and it doesn’t exist, how can it be changed?

    also, when trying to validate the certificate code, the URL just change by appending “?certificate_code=203-79” to the end of it, but no certificate is shown.

  4. toyo7m

    Any update on sending the certificate via EMAIL after course completion?

  5. garciabh3

    How to generate the certificate for all users?
    We update all the backgrounds and we have users getting black screen, with their people information.

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