Tips To Choose The Right Authoring Tool

Authoring tools are becoming the favorites of many online course creators for the conversion of legacy courses into custom online courses.

Authoring tools are popular for many reasons as it has in-built templates, backgrounds, and media elements that can save your time and money while creating eLearning courses.

These in-built elements can be customized based on the need for online courses and require no programming skills.

This article will help you in choosing the right authoring tool by seeing some of the features of the tool.

How To Select A Suitable Authoring Tool

You must choose an authoring tool that you or your course designers required while creating online courses. Choosing an authoring tool that is not familiar with you or your designer doesn’t make any sense. You can’t use all the features of the tool. So while choosing a suitable tool always decide and review how easy or difficult it will be to use the tool. Be well informed of all the features and functionalities of the tool to meet your requirements

Compare And Analyze Features

Every online course you create will have a specific feature. On this basis, you have to choose a tool that can best meet your needs. Comparing and analyzing the features will help you in deciding the right choice. A good understanding of the strengths and drawbacks of an individual authoring tool will help you in comparing the features and choose the best option.

Responsive Design Support

Responsive design is the new trend in designing custom online courses. Today’s learners want to access your online courses anytime and anywhere. So your courses have to be available on multiple devices to allow learners to access them. Today’s almost all the authoring tools support responsive design, but there are only a few tools that offer more options in responsive design. Among them, WPLMS is more advanced and suitable to develop a fully responsive online course. It provides a seamless experience across multiple devices to the learners.

Evaluate Media And Customization Assets

WPLMS offers you a wide variety of asset library that has slide templates, demos, infographics, and photographs that will help you in creating a visually rich course. You can also compare the different assessment and customization offered by the various tools available.

Ease Of Translation

Today’s online courses are being translated into many languages for their learners all around the world. So choose an optimized authoring tool that can support the translation of courses with minimum time and effort. WPLMS offers you the best option so that course developers can quickly export the text that has to be translated into a Word document. Once it is translated they can import it back to the course using its translation manager feature.

Conclusion of the Authoring Tool

There are many options available in the market. It becomes easy while choosing the right authoring tools with competitive features. A right tool can meet your custom eLearning needs. But if you are well acquainted with the features and know exactly what you want then you can choose the correct tool to create your online course.

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