Top 5 LMS Trends To Drive Learners Engagement

The adoption of eLearning and online learning is going higher everyday. The LMS remains central to the delivery and tracking of all the eLearning matrices. Today LMSes can actually do so much more like : track course completions, utilisation rates, and operating costs etc. while putting against  impact and engagement.

In this article, we will discuss the five trends that will help you in driving today’s learners engagement rate.  

LMS Trends To Drive Learners Engagement

LMS trends are constantly evolving with the advancement in technology which benefits both learners and L&D professionals or online trainers. Today’s LMS allows learners to access the training on the go, making on-the-job learning actionable, relevant, and impactful for them. It crafts experiences that empower learners to be active participants in the process and access learning that fits their unique needs. 

Modern LMSs offer more than just automation of instruction and record-keeping of the past. Engagement is a critical component in the overall learning experience. Let’s see the various trends that drive learners’ engagement with the training.

Interactive Training Courses

One of the most powerful demonstrations of how an LMS can help you is by pairing best-in-class features, such as grouping learners into audiences and blending a touch of interactivity in the training to drive their engagement. Gather information from your learners such as their feedback and reactions about the training content, their requests for what else they would like to learn so that you can deliver them great interactive learning experiences from your courses.

Personalised Training Courses

Today’s learners are a diverse group of individuals with unique needs and preferences. Creating any content for your audience of learners without conducting survey and analysis can lead to the failure of the courses. Provide them opportunity to have personal experiences tailored to their needs by organizing the multimedia content in your LMS. Share information with learners through dashboards that present recommended content that appeals to their interests and to their completion history.

Social Learning

The hottest LMS trend in the eLearning industry is the integration of social activities in the learning. When you incorporate social sites activities such as chat, news feeds, forums and community in the training then it helps you in building collaborative learning experiences. Forums and communities act as platforms where learners as well as trainers can share their expertise and harness their natural tendencies to connect with one another. As the community grows, learners share their real-world experiences and come together to solve problems. Thus, social learning helps you in achieving learner engagement.


We all know the level of engagement that gamification provides. Incorporating gamification in your online training methods can be the surefire method to achieve learners engagement. Using digital badges and highly rewarding game-like learning experiences in the training courses delivers high engagement levels of the learners that will correspond to high attention during training. Badges act as awards of completion and recognition that can be incorporated into learning for unlockable content that learners gain access to for successful performances or the completion of tasks.

Mobile-First Training

Earlier, most of the training courses were built with the desktop user in mind and then modified as needed for mobile devices. But today we see a reverse of the traditional process of building content for desktop users and then adapting it to mobile. Modern training courses are built for the mobile first experience and then transitioning to a desktop user experience because the number of mobile learners has greatly increased in the last few years.

December 2, 2021
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