Why BadgeOS is the best plugin for e-Learning communities.

Ever heard about ‘Badge OS’? Badge OS- A WordPress plugin that serves incredibility.

Have you ever wondered how amazing it would be if the users of your online community are able to showcase their earned “badges” across sites all over the internet? Welcome to BadgeOS!

If you’re running an online community website perhaps you’re already aware of the impact the “badges” have on your users. Not only it is a great tool to enhance user engagement but also a powerful tool to motivate members for various tasks.

What if there was a single platform for earning badges all over the web and any site can simply put their badges on that platform and all those badges are available in your member’s profile. It turns out there is already a platform for this called Credly. Credly also provides “Open badges” platform by Mozilla which is integrated in BadgeOS.

Now, BadgeOS is a WordPress plugin which provides a platform for creating badges in your WordPress site. It is so flexible that it can be integrated with any platform and the best part about BadgeOS is that it integrates with Mozilla open badges. So, you can integrate Open badges in your WordPress site.


What makes BadgeOS different from other plugins?

  1. Verifiable Badges. Anyone with a Credly account can verify these badges.
  2. BadgeOS has a built-in badge creation tool which can be used to create amazing badges.
  3. These badges can be shared on social platforms as well.
  4. Available in Mobiles. Credly has its own iOS and Android app where you can see these badges.

BadgeOS in eLearning communities

BadgeOS most importantly used to converts any WordPress site into a badge engaging content management platform. It serves an incredible purpose in education based sites and communities. You can award badges on various learning activities, like joining a group, completing a course, finishing assignments. BadgeOS with Credly integration even goes one step further, as you can assign activities even outside your online platform. Any platform connected with Credly and BadgeOS can be used as a user engagement point to award badges.

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