Why Build Learning Community For Remote Learners Using Social Sites

In today’s hybrid world, social networking sites play a greater role in eLearning.

Building a learning community helps in collaborative learning and promotes knowledge sharing.

In this article, I will outline how to build a learning community with the help of social learning.

Build Your Learning Community

We can say that a learning community is a group of like-minded learners to form learning circles and pursue the idea of group learning. This seems to be the idea of facilitating social learning among the learners to acquire new skills and knowledge.

If you are an L&D professional or online trainer then you can easily create a learning community for the learning using social networking sites like Facebook. In a learning community, training occurs more effectively than formal classroom learning or other forms of learning.

Learning Communities Facilitate eLearning

The idea of creating a learning community lies with the social behavior and learning behavior of the learners. It acts as a platform where learners can gain new skills and training by observing and imitating fellow community members. This facilitates the learning behavior of the learner and promotes a learning culture that encourages knowledge sharing among the community members. Most importantly, eLearning through social communities helps learners to learn from each other.

Promotes Collaborative Learning

Remote learners have less time and opportunity to learn through formal training methods. Learning community over the social networking sites allows them to be a part of the discussion and access the additional content on the go. Thus, the learning community acts as a platform to collaborate remote and regular learners and offers a learning model that is different from the traditional distance learning approach. 

Drive Learner’s Development

If you are a corporate trainer then building a learning community over social sites can be more fun and engaging for the learners. It will help the employees in learning and accessing the training at their own charge. In today’s hybrid work environment, where continuous learning is critical, employees can easily build a more diverse set of skills through learning communities on social sites. Thus, learners are more accountable to stay on track with their committed learning goals.

Better Learning Experiences

In today’s world, social networking sites act as a platform for remote learners to meet in person for learning. They can easily share their experiences, queries, and related topics for a better learning opportunity. Thus, delivering broad-based training and learning opportunities to every learner around the globe creates a more inclusive learning platform over the social network. This way it enhances the overall learning experience of the learners.

Interactivity In Your eLearning

Like other online training, if you want to add interactivity in your eLearning then creating a learning community over the social sites will never disappoint you. A good social learning program brings together a diverse array of social media elements as well as adds interactivity to your training programs. It includes interactivity like- discussion groups, blogs, podcasts, relevant topics, video links, etc. and combines them with your training program.


In today’s hybrid learning environment, bringing remote learners together is a big challenge for the L&D professional, online trainers, and teachers. Learning communities on social sites can easily engage the learners and allow them to take part in active discussion. This will facilitate the learning and help you in bridging the gap of the learners.

March 1, 2022
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