Why Online Learning Community Is Important In Online Training

Do your learners feel like they are a part of the training?

If No, then it’s time to create an online community of the learners where they can collaborate with one another.

Learning communities collaborate with the learners and learners feel like they’re part of an active online learning community.

In this article, we will learn how online communities facilitate collaboration and engage the learners while training.

Learning Community In Online Training

Besides delivering online training to the learners, creating an online Learning Community for them plays an important role in the training of the learners. It provides a supportive framework for the online learners to interact and collaborate with other learners. Where learners interact with others and share their experiences and solve issues while discussing with the other learners then it amplifies the benefits of your online training courses. 

Learners feel like they’re part of the training and he/she is not alone in the training. When learners participate in the online training activities as a group then they are able to distribute the work and can share the experiences. This way the learning community increases the motivation and facilitates emotional connection of the learners.

Delivers Learner’s Needs And Expectations

Every learner has their own expectations while some has a more hands-on approach regarding the online learning community. So create your online learning community in such a way that it should provide a supportive online learning community by understanding the need and requirement of the learners. This way the learning community delivers a more hands-on approach to the learners who are looking for daily interactions with remote peers.

Online Discussion Improves Training

Learning community enables learners to discuss anything related to the ongoing training. When learners interact with each other through the discussion while sharing their views and ideas about the training then it improves the effectiveness of the training.    there must be a leader who will enforce those rules. A supportive online learning community with regular meetings allows learners to discuss the upcoming online training courses and get their feedback on the online training courses.

Learning Community Guides The Learners

Guiding the learners is a way to deliver proper training to the learners. In the learning community, you can start a topic or provide some points related to the training for a proper training. Guide your learners as well as set the rules of engagement of the learners and what they can share in the community. This will reduce the conflicts or arguments among the learners due to the difference of opinion among the learners.

Provide Immediate Training Feedback

Learning community helps you in many ways. It not only helps in collaborating and engaging the learners but also helps in providing the immediate feedback of training to the learners. You get the valuable user data that will help you in improving your training courses and design. When learners connect and talk about the benefits and disadvantages of the training then you have the opportunity to collect their opinions and concerns as valuable feedback.


One of the most common mistakes many online trainers and L&D professionals make when fostering an online learning community is to build a supportive learning culture. So create your learning community properly according to your training needs. We at WPLMS help you in creating your online community for the learners. To learn more please comment below or contact us. 

October 4, 2021
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