Why We Should Use Video Introduction In Online Courses

Are your learners tired of traditional online training courses and walking away from your courses?

A video introduction is extensively used in online learning courses leaving a huge impact on the learners and engaging them at a high level.

Today, I will share pointers on why you should use introduction videos in your online courses to make your training strategy more interesting.

Easy To Provide Information

A long introduction video for your online courses can render your course boring and may lead to poor completion rates. So keep your introduction video short of about 3-5 minutes and focus on the learning objectives. Introduction videos are a good way of illustrating to learners and often describe instructional training.

Easily Reachable To The Learners

Today’s learners are multi-device users who prefer 24X7 access to learning on-the-go. Learners complete the course and want to put up the skills and knowledge into practice. Videos can be hosted on a Learning Management System (LMS) through which learners can access using their smart devices. Introduction videos can be a powerful way to complement learning and can act as performance support tools to attract new learners.

Reasons To Use Video Introduction

Video introduction builds trust between you and your learners. It lets your learners meet and see from whom they are learning. 

It is like an opportunity to show off some of your best stuff in your online courses. Put some great content in your intro video and attract more learners for signing up for the full course.

It allows potential learners to check out what they are going to get with very little effort. This can be achieved by providing a clear learning objective.

Videos introduction provides you an opportunity to sell your courses. You can share views on what the course is about and why they should take your course.

Key Elements To Be Included In Video Introduction 

Introduce yourself and share some personal experiences, this will build trust among the learners and let them know why they should learn from your courses.

Make learners know why they want to take your course because a clear learning objective will help them in knowing what results they will get from your course.

Let the learner know what they will learn through your courses or what you have covered in the course. You don’t need to go into too much detail about the course content. 

Add values to your course depending on your course sales funnel. You can also offer a free trial of the course or a sample portion of a lesson for free here. 


Video introduction gives you countless opportunities for creating learner-centered learning objectives. Video and the text-based online course allow learners to interact in new ways and as a result, increases learner engagement. With the availability of a wide range of rapid authoring tools, video developers can create interactive and engaging introduction videos in a few hours.

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