Create Your Own Code Academy In WordPress With WPLMS

Are you a coding enthusiast?  Do you want to create your very own coding academy as technical leaders and coding entrepreneurs?

In this article, we will learn how you can easily create and manage your code academy with the WPLMS Sphere-Engine.

There are few challenges which you will encounter in launching your Code academy :

  1. Code compilers : While you can teach your students by videos or video conferencing. There is nothing more important than real-time feedback using a compiler which is embedded right inside the LMS platform for instant feedback.
  2. Evaluating Code Questions : You will most likely need a self-evaluating code evaluation platform which forms a part of your LMS and quiz framework. So that your students can submit answers without the need for your attention in evaluating the quizzes.

Everything should just happen automatically, which is why we at WPLMS created a solution just for you. We’ve integrated with a platform called “Sphere Engine” and using our WPLMS Sphere Engine plugin you can achieve both challenges listed above.

Features Of WPLMS Sphere-Engine

Teach Coding To The Learners

Everything at one place, WPLMS sphere-engine enables online trainers to provide training within an integrated learning management system. The compiler is embedded right inside the LMS, no need to ask your students to open an IDE or open Code Pen or other online IDE’s for learning stuff. It improves the productivity of the learners with full automation of the coding lessons & assessment to create a learning environment. 

Code Compiler

Users get to try their code inside the LMS and get instant feedback on their code in real-time with the code compiler. They can check for errors right inside the LMS. Since the learning process is automated, it enables instant feedback and anytime anywhere learning.

Create Auto-Evaluating Quizzes And Assessment

You can easily create quizzes and test assessments for the learners to create programming challenges among the learners. WPLMS allows auto-evaluating of quizzes and test assessments submitted by the learners and reduces your load.

What Is Sphere-Engine?

Sphere Engine is an Enterprise level code evaluation platform. The platform itself works only using API’s

Now, run your code academy on wordpress with the fully compatible PWA-powered learning management system. WPLMS Sphere-Engine optimizes the costs of developing your training platform by providing coding assessment solutions and online software development environments. Although the pricing a strictly on-contact basis, a general estimate is that for 10,000 monthly code evaluations average ram consumption of 50mb they will charge around 100-150$ per month with annual discounts.

How To Create Code Academy In WPLMS

  • To create your code academy, first, you need a working WPLMS learning management system on your site in version 4.
  • Install and activate the sphere-engine plugin in the WPLMS site.
  • Log on to and create an account without using any generic email like- google. After creating an account go to API Tokens and copy the data from the compilers API and Problems API.
  • Now from the dashboard select LMS> Settings> sphere-engine and enter the copied data of Compilers API and Problems API. For the “Compiler Hash ID” go to Compilers> Widget> from the sphere-engine website and save the settings.
  • Go to WPLMS installation Admin> Settings> Courses> Manage Course> Edit course> Set curriculum> Create unit. Here, you can use sphere-engine plugin to create your new unit.

Now you can create your code unit, select the compiler, add quizzes, create questions, assessment, and much more.  

  • Select a compiler to compile the code and check for errors of the learners. If you don’t select the compiler then the user will get an option to select the compiler.

To learn in detail about the course creation process, you can go through this link


Creating and managing your code academy is now as easy as delivering your eLearning courses. WPLMS Sphere-Engine platform is fully compatible with PWA, Android, iOS and Microsoft Apps for desktop, tablets, and mobiles. If you are looking for a platform to run your coding academy then try WPLMS today!

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