Gamified LMS: Several Reasons To Invest For It

Do your online courses meet the expectations of your learners?

Gamification feels like a buzzword that nobody fully understands. It has many benefits that keep your learners engaged and provides a great learning experience to your learners.

A gamified LMS connects your learners with your courses in an interesting and engaging way.

In this article, we at WPLMS will highlight the reasons to invest in a gamified LMS.

Reasons To Invest In A Gamified LMS

Gamified LMS allows you to connect with your learners through your training courses in a more engaging and interesting way. Including gamification elements in online training is transforming the way of learning from the online courses. It allows you to deliver your online courses in a more engaging, immersive, and interactive way.

Investing in a good LMS helps you to connect better with your online learners. It provides ease in learning and provides better learning experiences. Now let’s see the various parameters that will help in deciding to invest in a good LMS.

Gamified LMS Provides A Better Learning Experience

Gamification in your LMS is very much essential in a fast-paced learning environment. A result-oriented online training course is essential for your online courses to make your training courses successful. It provides a platform for the learners and the course developers to reduce the bridge of the education gaps. It seamlessly delivers your courses and provides a better learning experience to the learners.

Improves Retention And Adoption

Gamified LMS can increase the confidence of the learners. It helps in taking decisions better while learning throughout the courses. Gamified LMS provides them points and ranking based on their performance. If they didn’t get the required amount of points, then the LMS immediately identifies and suggests to the learner how to improve and where he/she went wrong. Thus a gamified LMS can improve retention and adoption rate of the learners.

Delivers Instant Results

Gamified LMS helps your courses in putting up the focus on learning. It also provides a good learning experience for the learners. Gamified LMS helps the learners in providing instant results from the course assessments. The learner doesn’t have to wait for a long time as in traditional courses to see the achievements. Online gamified LMS helps you to deliver instant results when the learners finish your online courses. Providing instant results and feedback is an invaluable approach to a gamified LMS.

Boost Productivity And Creativity

It lets you design your own gamification elements. You can easily craft level exercises in an innovative way to keep your learners in a work challenging environment. This way the learners can test their knowledge limits. Providing badges with work-related skills can improve the performance of the learners. Playing games and watching online videos can jog the memory of the learners. Learning while playing games boost productivity and keeps them engaged with your courses.

Gamified LMS Increases Engagement

Many course developers are worried about their LMS because learners find it dull and boring while taking training courses. It delivers your courses in a more entertaining and engaging way. It binds learners for a longer period of time with your courses. The gamified courses keep them engaged as the games are built-in to virtually interact in every aspect of training. Learners can access various activities multiple times a day to get the information they need.


In my opinion, a gamified eLearning course has immersive power as it provides better retention and adoption rates. We at WPLMS provide you gamified LMS to create a fast-paced and interactive way of delivering your online eLearning courses. It provides a better learning experience and gets the learner’s interactions every time. 

Do you want to bring the advantages of gamification in your online training courses Contact us or comment below? To find out the surprising benefits of investing in a gamified.

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