How Competency-Based Learning Bridging The Skills Gap Of Learners

As an online course creator, your all efforts to provide a rich learning experience will go to waste if the learner is not responsible.

Competency-based learning is thus the actions that individual learners take to support their continued learning.

Competency-based training is proving its worth like all the other models of eLearning courses.

In this article, we will learn about competency-based learning, how it fulfills the skills gap of learners and the various benefits of competency-based learning.

What Is Competency-Based Learning?

Competency-based learning is an approach where learners learn at their own pace and focus more on gaining knowledge by fulfilling their valuable skills gaps. In this learning process they move ahead primarily based on their demonstration of what they know and simply based on the time spent on training.

In competency-based learning, learners move from one learning level to a higher level with the demonstration of knowledge rather than spending time on a specific course.

How Competency-Based Learning Bridge The Skills Gap

For any organization, a talented employee is the only advantage to be the best in this competitive world. Therefore securing such talent and enriching their training is the key to tomorrow’s success. Many organizations still lack the right employees for their work who can help the organization in reaching its strategic goals.

Competency-based learning has emerged as a comprehensive solution that can enhance the overall growth of the employees through proper training and fulfill their gap. As a course developer, you have to incorporate this learning concept in your online courses to enhance the learning gap of the learners. 

This will help the organization in solving most of the strategic challenges.  Meeting the unprecedented demands of today’s workforce is a way to make your eLearning business more profitable and it can grow your brand value as well.

Benefits Of Competency-Based Learning 


Competency-based learning is incorporated in eLearning courses in such a way that it focuses on individual learners. It allows each learner the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills and to gain knowledge at their pace without time restrictions. It also promotes a collaborative learning environment so that learners can learn together.

Enhance Skills 

The main benefit of competency-based learning is that it efficiently enhances the learner’s skills. Training is provided in such a way that they are not allowed to move to the next level of training while getting the skills from the first level. For best results, you can also set the desired learning outcome from the starting of the course. This will enhance their skills with the right knowledge.

Flexible Learning

This learning clearly defines the learning objective of the courses and provides greater flexibility while learning for the learners. As we have discussed earlier that it doesn’t bound a learner with the time limit. So learners with certain agility in terms of career path can learn and manage their professional life as well.

Result Oriented

Learning through competency-based courses always led to result-oriented goals. It focuses mainly on the learning outcomes of the learners so that they can utilize their skills in practical life and in their work.


I hope this article will help you in putting insight into competency-based. However, there are numerous benefits of this learning approach and only a few course designers can properly implement the concept into their online training. Based on continuous feedback, competency-based eLearning is a way to make your eLearning business more profitable and popular.

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