How To Build Sales Funnel For Your Online Courses

Selling and marketing your online courses is something that a lot of online course creators struggle with.

Are you still struggling to generate consistent revenue for your online courses? You just need sales to funnel to generate consistent leads and sales for your online course.

So Let’s see the different approaches how you can build sales funnel for your courses.

Identify The Specific Problem Of Your Target Market.

Identifying the specific problem from the target market is very important for the success of your online course business. Without understanding what students want from your course, it will be very difficult for you to create a course that helps them and market your course to the people who want and need it most.

Read the comments on blogs and forums about your online courses. You can also look on social media networks like- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to check the reviews of your courses.

Publish Content To Solve Specific Problem

Once you have identified a specific problem that the target market is searching for solutions, the next step is to publish content that will help in solving their specific problem. When you decide to provide a solution to the specific problem, go ahead and provide the solution but make sure to give it a clear and compelling headline which will immediately grab the attention of students who is searching for a solution to the problem.

Providing solutions to these kinds of problems will increase the value of your brand or courses in the target market.

Offer Contents Upgrade To Build Your Email List

A learner will likely need to hear from you 6 to 8 times before they enroll in your course as research by Salesforce. The best way to do this is by sending them an email to subscribe to your courses.

The best way to separate the casuals from the learners who are more likely to subscribe to your courses. Offer some free content upgrade like- checklist, worksheet, resources guide, additional training, free course, etc. as a resource in exchanging the learner email address. 

Send A Welcome Email To The Subscribers

This step is the easiest of all the steps that are involved in creating the sales funnel. Sending an email to the subscriber by using an autoresponder email service provider which contains all the specific information about your course will increase the popularity of your brand as well as courses. Offering free resources to subscribers to attract them toward your courses. 

Use an autoresponder email service provider to automatically send an email to the subscriber as a welcome email when they subscribe or purchase your online course.

Create An Email FollowUp To Sell Your Courses

The main purpose of sending an email followup to the subscriber is to convince them to sign up for your online course. Creating an automated email followup series using a bunch of emails adding them to your email autoresponder service provider. Decide the intervals of days when these emails are sent to the subscribers according to the day when they subscribe to your course.

If the learners have to pay to take your course, it may take a bit of time to convince them to enroll for it. You can adopt some approaches like- offer them free courses, offer them a free trial for 7 days, Invite them to watch a pre-recorded webinar to presents your course.


One last piece of advice that I would like to leave you with is not to expect your sales funnel to be perfect. You should always test different- different approaches to generate more sales and also make adjustments to your sales funnel and then measure the result. Simply its all like that what gets measured gets improved.

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