How To Get More Reviews For Your Online Courses

As an online course creator, you should always try to create online courses that should help your learners in achieving their goals. Positive reviews are the natural result of the learner’s expectations.

Online reviews act as a powerful tool when online learners prefer to purchase your online course.

According to BrightLocal survey, it is found that positive customer reviews make a trust for 73% of customers, and 57% of customers visit a company’s website after reading positive reviews.

There are tons of options available and you just need to get creative. So let’s see the different ways through which you can get more reviews for your online courses.

Ask Your Learner For The Review

Asking your learners for the reviews creates a positive mindset among the other learners who want to purchase your course. This can take some time but once they submit their reviews, it can increase the sales and will also help you in improving your course content.

Make sure that your course description and your introduction lesson describe your courses clearly and accurately as possible to meet the requirement of a learner to receive positive feedback.

Prompt A Review After Successful Course Completion

When students complete your WordPress online course, always send them a  confirmation page directly in the form of an email congratulating them. This is a great time for you to request for comments and their valuable reviews on your course offerings, and the overall learning experience.

You can also embed the review page on your website directly and prompt it when the learners completed the courses. This will help you in getting their reviews and a learner will not hesitate while reviewing your course.

Reward Students Who Review Your Course

Offering rewards to the students is another way of getting valuable reviews for your online courses. You can also offer them a chance to win prizes, coupons, vouchers, discounts on future courses and giveaways, such as hats or hoodies with your brand name or logo featured on them.

This creates fun and excitement among learners for submitting the reviews. These reviews will increase your online course popularity and your sales rate will definitely grow.

Use A Testimonial Widget For The Reviews

Instead of designing an old fashioned review page you can embed a testimonial widget on your website. It is connected to a backend that allows you to send emails to your students asking them to submit testimonials. 

There are many great things about the testimonial widget as it builds trust by including the pictures and link the reviewers with the social media. You can easily copy any of your testimonials, reviews from other sites and showcase them all together on your website.

Leverage On Social Media For The Reviews

There are many social networking sites on the Internet that allow learners to leave independent reviews. Create pages and accounts on different sites to get the valuable reviews and comments from your learners.

Try to connect with every positive and negative review so that you can improve day-by-day. You can also claim reviews as they belong to you and show them on your website.


In order to get more fair and genuine reviews for your courses, try to be transparent as possible as you can. Don’t hesitate to direct your learners to leave reviews. If someone puts a negative review, then hopefully encourage the learner and try to learn from them. This way a greater portion will end up being positive. Always check out for the reviews that speak mostly in your favor, and be prepared to use them as a marketing tool.

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