How To Use “Holiday Seasons” To Grow Your eLearning Business

Do you want to grow your eLearning business?

Last year, we saw a huge increase in subscriptions during the holiday season as many online course creators provide subscription offers, gifts, etc. to attract learners.

Thus, Holiday Seasons provides you an opportunity to boost your eLearning business.

Let’s Dive In, Here we will learn about the different ways to grow your eLearning business in the Holiday Seasons.

Offer Gift Subscriptions To Your Learners

It’s no surprise that the holiday season is when we see the most gift subscription purchase. Your existing learners already love your courses, so it’s natural that they might want to share it with their friends and family. They can purchase your gift subscription by simply hitting the “Gift this” option during checkout.

A gift subscription makes a perfect last-minute gift since it can be sent to the recipient right away. You can also select the learners who is a good customer and gift them a free subscription to them via email.  

Release Special Holiday Seasons Content

How the Holiday Seasons inspire you in creating your online courses? If you can create an online course using instructional design and adding a holiday season based theme in your courses. This can increase the chances of subscription to your courses by attracting new learners. 

Adding “Holiday Season” based content in your regular courses is a great way to engage your learners. They will love holiday season based theme course that will put them in the spirit of the season. This can grow your online course business.

Give Away Free Trails To Your Learners

According to a survey, it is found that over 63% of free trial signups are converted into paying subscribers. Giving away free trails to your courses is another way to attract learners toward your courses. If they make a subscription to your courses then there are chances that they can also sign up for your courses. 

If you are not offering free trials currently then holiday seasons is a perfect time to try out. You can offer also select the no. of days of the free trials based on your choices like- 3days, 7days, 14days, or 30days.

Offer Promo Codes For eLearning Business

Offering discount promos to the learners for the subscription of your courses during the holiday seasons is brainstorming ideas to grow your sales. According to the statistics, subscription sales increase by 3 times than the normal weekly rate compared to the rest of the year.  

Treat yourself! That’s what learners think during holiday seasons. Offering 50% off promo code is a way to attract more learners. Learners who subscribe your course with a promo code tend to complete your course and have higher lifetime value as a result.

Offer Assured Rewards For eLearning Business 

A simple way to attract more learners toward your course is by offering assured rewards. When they sign up for your courses, you can offer rewards to them in the form of scratch cards, coupons, gifts, etc. This can create a state of interest among the learners. 

Sometimes giving learners a personalized gift can build your loyalty with them and they can stick with your courses for a longer period of time. Don’t forget to appreciate the learner’s purchase with a customized “Thank You” message when they sign up for your courses.

Learners Purchased 150% More Courses In Holiday Seasons


In my opinion, using the above mentioned parameters you can prepare a good plan for Holiday Seasons. It is the best way to increase your sales by attracting new learners. These parameters act as a boost for the growth of your eLearning business at the end of the year. This will help you in setting up for a successful new year.

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