How To Write Opening Lesson For Your Online Course

If you are an online course creator and want to start an online course but struck and don’t know where to begin.

Sometimes it seems to be overwhelming. Even I have long believed that the hardest part of any course is starting it. 

Once you start with your online course then you will slowly gain momentum and it becomes easier to work on it.

We at WPLMS will help you with different approaches in writing an opening lesson for your online courses.

Describing A Clear Objective

You have probably already read a lot about how important it is to have clear learning objectives before you begin developing your online courses. 

Learning objectives are the essence of your online course goals. They describe what you want your learners to achieve after completing your online course. Therefore, your objectives for eLearning should be clear and generic.

Create A Level Of Outline

If you are a conceptual kind of person, you can create a high level of the outline of your course content. Try to List course chapters and its sub-chapters. You can use various arrangements of the chapters to find what works best for your online course outline. 

Writing the first paragraph of your eLearning course worked to get you started, then you could go on and continue linearly until you finish a draft. You can always add or remove chapters, and rearrange them to your course content.

Extra Tips On Writing An Opening Lesson

Aligning your course assessment with your learning objectives helps in evaluating what your audience is learning. The more consistent they are with your learning objectives, you can be sure that your learners are onboard with your eLearning courses.

Remember to use specific and measurable verbs while writing an opening lesson. Make sure that your learning objectives are appropriate for your learners. Try to analyze your learners before writing your opening lesson for your courses.

Ask yourself whether your learning objectives are achievable and realistic. If they are achievable within the time-span of the eLearning courses then they must be supported with the appropriate tools and resources.

Using simple language and keep your opening lesson short to make it engaging. Limiting your words while writing an opening lesson will help your learners in focusing better.

If your opening lesson is long then trying to organize them in subcategories.

Dividing your learning objectives into subcategories will help your learners in avoiding overwhelming problems while taking your online courses.


As per my view, the secret of writing a polished opening lesson is not a magical ability to conceive but constant iteration and refinement will make it possible. Change things here and there, outline sentences until you are satisfied with the final results. Don’t judge your progress yourself. Ask your learners, collect feedback with surveys, analyze learners test and their statistics, etc. for writing an opening lesson for your courses.

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