How To Write Your Course Learning Objective

Are you simply pushing your course content in front of the learners and letting them figure out the significance of your online courses by themselves. 

Do you want to give your online learning courses a flying start?

Writing strong learning objectives is key to the success of your online eLearning mersin escort program.

Today, we will learn a simple Four-step guide for writing effective learning objectives to work best for your online courses. 

Start With A Clear Goal

This is the most important stage in creating a good learning objective. 

Learning objectives refer to the specific knowledge, skills, or attitude learners will gain and display as a result while going through your online courses. 

One point you should always remember is to keep your learning objectives short and to the point. One or two sentences will be enough for defining your learning objectives. You have to focus on the learning outcomes only and do not go in detail about your online courses.

Set A Course Level Objective

Setting a course level objective while writing course objectives for your online courses. You should clearly mention how much your learners should be skilled before taking your online courses. Define your learning objectives parameters like- what are your course goals? What will learners get after taking your online course? 

You can also break your online course level objectives into the specific tasks, skills, and behaviors required to achieve a specific course goal.

Decide How Your Course Will Be Delivered

When you have decided how you are going to deliver your online course to the learners. At this stage, you should have a good idea of what is possible and what is not possible in your online courses. Identifying how you are going to measure the learning objectives before crafting your online courses helps in writing a valuable learning objective. 

In some instances, you may discover that your learning objective is not measurable because you cannot properly assess how will your online courses be delivered. So in order to achieve your objective, you will need to hire an instructor to create an awesome learning objective.

Evaluate The Quality Of Your Objective 

Evaluating your course objectives using various resources will help you in finding a measurable objective for your courses. Use actionable verbs to make it better. Sometimes ask yourself following to create a valuable learning objective:-

  • Is your course objective is learner-centric? 
  • Is it written from the learner’s point of view?
  • Does it describe what the learners will get by taking your online courses?
  • Does it contain an appropriate action verb?

An online course with good learning objectives can be made by answering these questions. 


Writing a strong learning objective is the key to the success of your online learning courses. Specific and measurable learning objectives should be part of your online courses. To improve your writing skills and create learning objectives that will help you set a clear learning path and attract more learners.

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