Key Feature Of An Extended Enterprise LMS

Are you wondering about an extended enterprise LMS for the training?

Whether you are confused while choosing the LMS that could be the best suited for your business?

Many LMS solutions can help you in managing and delivering your training courses, but only a few LMS providers are created for extended enterprise LMS.

In this article, we will discuss a list of specific features that will help you in finding the best LMS for extended enterprise LMS.

Simple UI And Multilingual Interface

Not every learner is well adverse with the use of computers and knows the specific feature of your LMS. To provide effective training to the extended enterprise learners, consider an LMS that is easy to use and doesn’t contain any complicated steps to join a training session.    

An enterprise has employees from different regions and has different languages. Therefore it becomes important to look for multilingual support while choosing an LMS for your training. This will help you in delivering your training using the native language of the learners.

Ease Of Customization

An LMS which allows you to customize your courses easily will let you deliver your courses easily. You can add logos, custom colors and various infographics to make your training courses more personalized. Customizing your training will enhance the engagement rate of the learners through your courses.

You can also customize your landing pages and homepage to convert traffic into leads. You can also add email notification and calendar to notify learners via Email and to sync their courses to make it more personalized.

Reporting And Analytics Extended Enterprise LMS

The Reporting and Analytic feature of an LMS helps you in tracking the performance of the learners through your courses. With reporting and analytics, you can track every learner’s performance and their level of completeness of the courses, level of interest, and their time spent on courses.

With Reporting and Analytics, you can easily find the level of your training courses. You can easily modify your training courses based on the reporting and analytics of the learners where they lose their interest.

Create Sub-Platforms

While choosing the best platform for the extended enterprise LMS, look for an LMS that should provide you the ability to create multiple sub-platforms. Creating a sub-platform helps you in delivering your specific training courses to a group of learners separately. As an admin, you easily manage and navigate between these sub-platforms. 

These sub-platforms will help you in providing specific training content for each group of learners based on their level of knowledge and skills. Thus, these sub-platforms will help you in training different learners at the same time.

Easily Updation And Sharing Of Courses

Time is precious and for you, it matters a lot when you have to upload your courses and share it with your learners. So before considering an LMS for your extended enterprise LMS training make sure that it takes less time while uploading, updating, and sharing your training courses.

LMS like- WPLMS allows you to upload your courses with the Drag and Drop feature. You can easily update your courses and share them with your learners in just a few clicks. Changes in sub-platforms are automatically updated when there is any update in the main course.

Easy Integration

Always choose an LMS that allows easy integration with the various WordPress plugins. eCommerce, Memberships, Affiliates, and contact forms. Integrating with other software platforms enhances the features of your Learning Management System and ensures your learners with the right training programs

Integration with other platforms make your LMS smarter and add various features to your training. Therefore, always look for an LMS that allows easy integration of the various software and plugins.


I hope this article will help you in considering the best LMS for your extended enterprise LMS. Following the above-listed key features while considering an LMS will help you in finding the best LMS for your eLearning business.

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