Microlearning: The Most Loved Tool For Remote Employees Training

Are you among many organizations and trainers who want to improve learning engagement and their retention of the skills?

Microlearning is an effective way of training onboard new remote employees and providing effective training to them.

This training facilitates on-demand learning, provides effective training and delivers high knowledge retention due to its shorter learning modules.

In this article, we will learn why microlearning is the most loved tool among organizations and trainers and how it provides effective training to them.

Why Microlearning Is The Most Loved Tool

This training has become a popular mode of training among modern organizations and new-age trainers. It has increased its popularity due to its small size contents. These small chunked-sized contents provide effective information that is interesting and easy to remember.

This training is the most loved tool because it saves time and money for organizations, trainers, and learners. In today’s dynamic business environments, microlearning training is able to offer advanced learning skills due to their small-sized content and employees can access these types of training in critical situations to solve their queries and problems.

Microlearning Training For Remote Learners

Microlearning is designed for online learning and can be easily used to impart training to new on-site employees. This training makes remote training easier and more effective by providing simplicity and versatility to today’s time-strapped learners and this makes it ideal for newly onboarded remote employees. This training can be used as a wide range of training objectives like-  industry-specific training, technical skills training, project management training, soft skills training, etc. 

Microlearning Offers Personalized Courses

Microlearning courses and training can be customized to personalize the training for remote employees. These courses with their compact and small learning modules that are generally three to six minutes long contain feature-rich content, such as games, quizzes, and videos. This content can be easily designed to deliver specific learning outcomes to the remote employees while offering an interactive learning experience.

Just-In-Time Training For Remote Employees

Microlearning allows you to provide just-in-time training to remote employees while being in the workplace. It allows learners with the capability to learn skills and come up with solutions in an instant of time. This way microlearning training can be used for on-the-spot training for remote onboarding employees and helps them to solve their issues and problems. Therefore, Just-In-Time training is very essential to provide knowledge and information to the employees to solve their issues while being on the work.

Microlearning Training Offers High Retention Rates

The conventional mode of training remote employees doesn’t offer higher retention rates due to their long learning modules to the learners. It is found that we only remember 40% while learning through conventional courses. While on the other hand microlearning facilitates knowledge retention due to its bite-sized learning modules. This training can be accessed by learners at any time and according to their convenience, and point of need. This makes it more likely to stick in the remote onboarding training process.


The proliferation of mobile devices and constant pressure to onboard new employees quickly and efficiently should make micro-learning the most loved tool for the training. If you are looking for a microlearning training LMS for your organization then we at WPLMS provide you the best training platform.

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